In Honour: Dylan Thomas

Alfred Janes - Dylan ThomasToday would have been the 100th birthday of Dylan Thomas, one of the finest writers (for me, perhaps, the finest) of the generation before mine.

Thomas was very popular when I was a boy and I was lucky enough to be in two different productions of “Under Milk Wood“, as well as doing a solo turn reciting large sections of “A Child’s Christmas“.  For decades, at least into my 40s, much of my own work was highly derivative of Thomas’ style, with aggregations of melodious adjectives cascading through the sing-song lilt of a Welshman speaking English.

He was a master poet, able to craft the most exquisite sonnets and villanelles, difficult forms to manage, concerning both the ordinary and extraordinary things of life and death.  “The Force That Through The Green Fuse“, “Fern Hill“, and his paean to his father’s death, “Do Not Go Gently Into That Good Night“, are sublime beyond measure..

His mastery of prose was equally fine, shown best in “A Child’s Christmas In Wales” which needs to be heard as read by the poet himself.

And then there is the extraordinary masterpiece, the radio play “Under Milk Wood“.in which Thomas’ talent, both as a writer and as an observer of rambunctious village life, are shown to the full.  If you can get a chance to listen to the Richard Burton version, then that is an experience not soon forgotten.

Thomas didn’t think much of being Welsh, let’s be frank about it.  And in just a couple of weeks we will celebrate the 61st anniversary of his sorry and inebriated death at the early age of 39. But he was an original, a genius, and I suspect he got more out of his 39 years than most of us do with three-score-and-ten.

One Response to In Honour: Dylan Thomas

  1. Tak Uyede says:


    We must have met in another lifetime.

    English lit was my first love, and I can still recite parts of Fern Hill- last year of high school or first year English? When/if I make it back to England I shall surely try to visit the house.

    I have my 1964 LP under the Caedmon label of Thomas himself reciting Child’s Christmas, Fern Hill, Do not go gently, In the white Giant’s thigh, Long legged bait, and ceremony after a fire raid.

    If you have a turntable (record player Arch.), I should be happy to lend it to you! If you would like to listen to it, you are also welcome to come over as well.

    Tak Uyede

    1803 Venables Street

    Vancouver, B.C. V5L 2H6

    Home: 604 253 9689

    Tak’s Cell: 604 209 4730

    Home e-mail:


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