GWAC: Elections and Food Trucks


I hope that most of you who are residents of Grandview will attend Monday night’s Grandview Woodland Area Council (GWAC) meeting.  The meeting begins at 7pm and takes place at The Learning Resorce Centre under Britannia Library (if you are unsure where to go, please ask at the Britannia Info Desk on Napier Street and they will direct you).

Tomorrow night’s meeting is important partly because it is the AGM and this is the annual chance for residents to elect the entire Board of Directors.  There are 12 Board seats available and I hope that we will have significantly more than 12 nominees, thus requiring an election rather than an acclamation.

I will be standing again, on a platform of making GWAC a more open membership-driven organization rather than the private club for the Directors that it has tended to be for the last few years. I will be pushing for GWAC to live up to its Constitution, the regulations of the BC Society’s Act, and the legal advice they received last year on expanding the governance to include the members. I have pushed hard for this all year without success.

I will also be pushing for a re-instatement of Standing Sub-Committees on Planning, Transportation and Business Liaison (and perhaps others) to ensure that GWAC actually promotes action rather than just talk.

To achieve these objectives, we will need to elect a minimum of seven like-minded residents.

The other reason tomorrow night’s meeting is important is because we will be debating the issue of Food Trucks on Commercial Drive.  The debate will begin with four speakers describing the issue from various points of view.  Scott Edwards, City of Vancouver Manager of Street Activities, and Federico Fuocco of the Commercial Drive Business Development Society (the BIA) will give their perspectives.  Then one of the owners of the Daily Catch truck will speak in favour of their operation, and I will be speaking in opposition.  These will hopefully be fairly short presentations and then the debate will be thrown open to the floor.  I hope that many of you will get the chance to voice your opinions, for or against.

It should be a fascinating meeting and I encourage everyone to attend.  This is as close as we get to local democracy these days!

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