Who Pays For Playgrounds?

April 14, 2019

On a number of occasions, I have written about hospital lotteries, wondering why the “urgently required” equipment or services are not paid for out of the health budget. I had the same sort of thoughts today when I read that Grandview Elementary School finally has the playground it has needed for a dozen years or more.


Don’t get me wrong — I am all in favour of this playground.  What I don’t get is why in one of the poorest districts in the city — and a district with less greenspace than just about anywhere — a group of residents had to spend a decade door-knocking in the community to raise “over $140,000” so that their kids could enjoy a playspace that I thought would be a natural part of any school environment.

We have a Provincial government which, while claiming to be NDP, is simply following the BC Liberals playbook, wasting out money on dams and LNG projects and private schools instead of spreading the tax dollars to where they are actually needed, like playgrounds for our kids.



Night Music: Keep On Running

April 14, 2019

Image: Meadow

April 13, 2019

Night Music: Lady Sings The Blues

April 12, 2019

Snack Tonight #22

April 12, 2019


Today I made sausage, cheese, and bacon rolls.  I used hot Italian sausage meat, and added a few extra chili flakes.  They turned out really well!


Image: Street Art #12

April 11, 2019

Night Music: Gwahodddiad

April 10, 2019