Night Music: Lido Shuffle

July 16, 2018


Grandview’s Centenary Houses

July 16, 2018

For each of the last 6 years, the Grandview Heritage Group has been celebrating the best of our 100+year old houses with lawns signs.  This year’s set is a worthy addition to that collection.

You can find a link to a map with details on each of this year’s houses on the GHG website. On the site’s main menu, you can find links to all the previous years’ choices, too.

This is wonderful weather to wander the streets, maps in hand, and enjoy the glorious heritage that is Grandview-Woodland.

Poetry: Fanatic

July 16, 2018


Sitting bolt


in the chair

the psycho


questioned me

in a game of


word association





why did you

say that?

why not?


            tend:er is the night


            shoes:Michael Jordan


did you watch

the game?

no, I was crazy

to have missed it


            air:Michael Jordan




they make me



Like I’m

Michael Jordan

or something



Image: Treeline

July 15, 2018

Night Music: Woman

July 14, 2018

Happy Birthday To The Everloving!

July 14, 2018

Today is the everloving’s birthday.  We’ll celebrate with dim sum at Western Lake, and other stuff.

It is also the 102nd birthday of Dada-ism which always just seemed like a coincidence but, as the years go by, one has to wonder….

Image: Echo Density

July 13, 2018