Night Music: My Generation

November 26, 2016

Not the best version musically, but this IS the spirit of Woodstock — and we still had Keith Moon!


Night Music: Chicago

September 20, 2016

Night Music: Benny Goodman & Peggy Lee

April 16, 2016

Night Music: Eagles

December 12, 2015

Night Music: Boomtown Rats

August 24, 2015

Image: Gladioli #3

July 29, 2015

gladioli III

Keep The Drive Under Five

July 15, 2015

The No Tower Coalition, formed to oppose the monstrous tower proposed for the corner of Commercial & Venables, now has a great new slogan:


This is in recognition of almost all residents’ desire to see Commercial Drive remain at four storeys or less, to retain the human scale that helps create the Drive’s unique and popular character.

The Coalition’s campaign is building, with two new articles in today’s Vancouver Courier (see here and here) and, now, well over a thousand signatures on their petition. They are collecting more signatures and support this week with displays and brochures at Grandview Park most afternoons.

I urge everyone who doesn’t want to see our skyline dominated by a huge profit-driven condo tower to join the campaign and see how you can help.