Image: Tulips and Vase

July 5, 2017

Image: Meadow

June 7, 2017

Image: Palm Beach Special

May 7, 2017

An Endangered Species On the Drive

May 1, 2017

There aren’t many of us left it seems. Few enough, at least, for our needs to be ignored.

The “us” in this case are the folks who gave up wristwatches some time in the 60s and who have never bothered with cell phones in the years since. We are the “us” for whom the ubiquity of public clocks in the world we grew up in meant that no watches were necessary; we could turn our head and quickly find a clock somewhere on a wall that would tell us what we needed to know. Not now.

I guess building designers and interior decorators believe we all have cell phones these days and so the need for public clocks has disappeared and they are not designed into places any longer.

That’s “us” being ignored.

This whole thing came up for me today when I was halfway through my latest monthly walk on the Drive and I was resting for a moment outside the now closed and empty Wonderbucks store. I happened to notice that the only thing left in the store is a wall clock above where the cashiers’ desk used to be. It was still running, though an hour late (damn those time changes), and it was comforting for me to know the time.

So, there is a clock available to the public in Wonderbucks. There is another in the Tim Hortons in Il Mercato, and a third at Skylight Restaurant (over the serving hatch at the east end of the building). There may be others, but these are the only ones that come to mind right now.

We need to encourage more public timepieces. And more benches for sitting, too.

Image: Good Lie

April 3, 2017

Image: Arrow Lake From The Leland

March 29, 2017

Image: Puerto Vallerta Sunset

March 3, 2017

Puerto Vallerta Sunset