Oooooh, Dessert!

February 10, 2017

The ever-loving made a pavlova filled with berries!


A Dog’s Life

January 29, 2017

To be frank, I have never been a dog person. I don’t mind dogs (in principle) but if I have to be described, I guess I am a cat person.  However, as I have aged (and boy did that take a lot of time), I have come to enjoy the company of certain dogs — three-legged Lucky from Salsbury Park, for example, and our friends’ dog Sadie.

Unfortunately, two of the dogs I have come to know and like, died this week. Both belong to good friends and I fully understand their sorrow at having to end their companions’ lives.

I have had three cats die in my arms (two from the needle, and one who just simply died).  All three were deeply emotional events for me as I had come to know and love and trust each one of them as individuals. I mourn the losses my friends have suffered.

Carnage on Adanac

January 27, 2017



Just to prove how tough life can be on the Adanac bike route, here is a leg I found on the street this afternoon.  Hope the bike was OK.

Just Having Fun

December 31, 2016

It is snowing unexpectedly hard right now, and I am watching the white stuff accumulate rapidly.


I look out onto the lane, where four rooks are flying around in tight circles. It hard to imagine they are doing anything but just having fun, flying through the snow. Wonderful.

Two Hours More Than Well Spent

December 7, 2016

Tonight we went to the joint Community Choir event at the Korean Community Centre.  The place was packed and I am sure no one was disappointed at being there.


We went to and thoroughly enjoyed their last concert in the spring. This, I thought, was even better. The tunes were more complex and the choir seemed more than confident with that complexity.  We also got to hear choirmaster Patti Powell’s beautiful voice in the intro to a tune called “Yes.”

Another marvelous evening.

Not Quite Such Fantastic Beasts

November 25, 2016

The ever-loving and I went out on a date tonight, to go see “Fantastic Beasts and Where You Can Find Them.” I enjoyed going out, but the film was rather disappointing. This is fantasy, but even decent fantasy has to have fewer plot holes than this, and I say this as a Rowling fan.

The film was made, so far as I could tell, simply an excuse to do three things: (a) make more money; (b) set up a new franchise to make even more money; and (c) to exploit basic destruction urges with CGI and other visual and special effects. Some of the effects were interesting; most were run of the mill. Very disappointing. There is however a very understated and well done morph of Colin Farrell into Johnny Depp at the very end.

I said above that I “enjoyed” going out, which I did. But I also have to wonder whether I will go out to the movies ever again. There was no audience atmosphere — laughs, gasps, cheers, etc — and so the point of seeing the thing with a crowd was lost. And even with paying the old geezers’ rate for tickets, the show, some concession food, and a cab ride home cost about $60. There are a lot more ways to get two hours entertainment these days without spending $60 and having to leave the comforts of home on a rainy night.

I won’t even mention the 45 minutes of commercials and silly games that one is obliged to sit through. Nor will I mention the fact that, though I was probably one of the deafest people in the theatre, I thought the sound was so loud my dentures rattled. Nor that I really don’t care for Eddy Redmayne.

It’ll be a while before I do that again.

Dinner Tonight #9

November 24, 2016


Toad in the hole (using my own famous yorkshire pudding batter), mashed potatoes, green beans, and onion gravy. Happy Thanksgiving!