Night Music: A Change Is Gonna Come

September 10, 2021

Night Music: Ne Me Quitte Pas

September 8, 2021

Night Music: Wish You Were Here

September 6, 2021

Night Music: Going To A Town

September 4, 2021

Night Music: Up On The Roof

September 2, 2021

Night Music: Djelem, djelem

August 30, 2021

Night Music: Rebel Rebel by the masses

August 28, 2021

Night Music: Brass in Pocket

August 26, 2021

Night Music: Old Man

August 24, 2021

Night Music: Sweet Talking Guy

August 22, 2021

Bye Bye Love

August 22, 2021

Don Everley, last of the Everley Brothers, has died at age 84.

He and his brother Phil were extraordinarily talented singers and song writers giving us a wealth of songs to witness our teenage angst: Cathy’s Clown, Wake Up Little Susie, Bye Bye Love, All I Have To Do Is Dream and so many others.

Their career was sidelined for a while by the emergence of the Beatles and other British bands, but they survived to be recognized as true rock and roll pioneers and innovators.

Phil died in 2014, but they are survived by their 101-year old mother.

Night Music: Lola

August 20, 2021

Night Music: Kodachrome

August 18, 2021

Night Music: Keeping It To Myself

August 16, 2021

Night Music: Cry Like A Rainy Day

August 14, 2021

Night Music: Famous Blue Raincoat

August 12, 2021

Night Music: Lhasa de Sela

August 10, 2021

Night Music: Bull Doze Blues

August 8, 2021

Night Music: Chan Chan

August 6, 2021

Ian and Baxter

August 4, 2021

I have been a fan of Ian Dury and the Blockheads since their first album, New Boots & Panties back in the 1970s, notwithstanding the well-known fact that Ian was a difficult man. He was sui generis par excellence.

I am not a follower of celebrity biographies, but the other day, the Guardian ran a fascinating piece about Ian’s son Baxter, a significant musician in his own right, describing his upbringing by Ian and his equally problematic wife, Betty. Baxter has written a memoir called Chaise Longue:

“At the heart of Chaise Longue is an unlikely trio living in belligerent harmony – dad, son and the Sulphate Strangler. They shared a flat in west London by the banks of the Thames; part of a block renowned for its arty squatters, which Ian dubbed Catshit Mansions. They drank together, took drugs together, smashed crockery together, rowed and made up together when Baxter was still in his mid-teens. At one point, the Sulphate Strangler, known affectionately as Strangler, attempted to squeeze the life out of Baxter after he stole the laundry money. Today, Baxter says Strangler, who died in police custody, was simply trying to teach him right from wrong. The title, Chaise Longue, refers to the day bed Baxter was relegated to when Strangler moved into the flat and commandeered his bedroom.”

Ian Dury has been dead abut 21 years now, but his music lives on. This interview with his son reminded me of all the things I appreciated about him.