Happy Birthday to the Everloving!

July 14, 2017

Today is the everloving’s birthday.  We’ll celebrate with dim sum at Western Lake, and other stuff.

It is also the 101st birthday of Dada-ism, but that is just an apposite coincidence.

Canada Day, eh?

July 1, 2017

Millions upon millions of taxpayer dollars have and will continue to be spent celebrating the 150th birthday of Canada. While I love this country and am proud to be a Canadian, it is simply nonsense to suggest — as this “birthday” suggests — that the ten thousand plus years of history of occupation of the land we call Canada somehow doesn’t exist or, perhaps even worse, is less important than the 150 years of white Canada that followed.

Most of the last 150 years have been filled with paternalistic and often violent colonialism directed at the people who lived here and created successful societies for more than ten thousand years.  Even today, as we spend half a billion dollars patting ourselves on the back, hundreds and hundreds of First Nations’ communities are forced to survive without clean water.

We are resourceful Canadians: we can have ourselves a great time without the government expending all this treasure.  We would truly have shown ourselves to be a great country if we had devoted that money (and much more) to cleaning up the mess we have created for the original peoples of this territory.

Happy Birthday Sam!

June 26, 2017


Today is my son’s 41st birthday. Unfortunately, he and I drifted apart some years ago. When I was 41 I was fully estranged from my parents but eventually the family came back together. I hope this will be the same for Sam and me.

Father’s Day

June 18, 2017


It is more than seventeen years since my Dad died, and I miss him more every year.  I gave him all sorts of serious problems for fifty years and never once did he ever reject me or abandon me or stop loving me. He was a wonderful man, kind and generous, and full of basic wisdom. He remains my biggest hero.  Happy father’s day, Dad!

Ramadan Mubarak

May 26, 2017

May Day!

May 1, 2017

In the absence of anarchism, we can at least celebrate May Day!

When The Greatest Became The Greatest

April 28, 2017

Fifty years ago today, heavyweight champion of the world Muhammed Ali appeared at a draft induction centre. He had previously announced that he was a conscientious objector and he was arrested after three times refusing to step forward when his name was called.

Later that afternoon, the New York boxing authorities stripped Ali of his titles, and Ali would be unable to get a boxing license in the US for several years thereafter.

Throughout this attempt at humiliation and persecution by the system, Ali’s fierce personal integrity stayed proud and loud. He was eventually vindicated and was allowed to be the great athlete that he was.