Happy Birthday To The Everloving!

July 14, 2019


Another year older, another year better!


Happy Canada Day!

July 1, 2019

Scenes From Stone Soup

May 11, 2019


A gloriously hot day helping to make today’s Stone Soup Festival busier than the last few years as I recall.

Night Music: Forever Young

May 2, 2019


Tomorrow is the 100th anniversary of Pete Seeger’s birthday.  I thought this would be a decent early celebration of how lucky we are to have had him in our midst.

Leonardo’s 500th!

May 2, 2019


Today we celebrate the 500th birthday of the polymath and genius Leonardo da Vinci.

This year, millions upon millions of words will be lavished on him by the world’s leading experts.  I’ll confine my thoughts to a simple Happy Birthday!

May Day

May 1, 2019

Happy Birthday Dad!

April 25, 2019


Today my father would have been 92 years old.  He has been gone almost 20 years now, but I seem to speak with him more often these days than I ever did when he was alive.  He was a wonderful man and, I now recognize, a marvellously supportive parent; an attribute that I was too dumb to notice far too often when I was younger.