Hirado Sushi — A Small Review

June 17, 2017

On Commercial Drive between Venables and Broadway there are roughly 100 restaurants or food joints. Fourteen of these are in the 1400-block, which makes that small strip more like a food court than anything else.

We went there for lunch today, hoping to try out the new Filipino-Pan-Asian Bao Down but that, oddly for 12:45 on a busy Saturday, was closed. However, there were thirteen other places to choose from within a hundred yards, and we settled on Hirado Sushi which I hadn’t been to before.

Hirado, like several neighbours on either side if it, is a tiny little space, full of industry and bright smells. You can probably seat fourteen for dinner, but only if they are very close relatives or friends. But they do really well with the space they have, and the friendly service makes it welcoming.

Like most sushi places, they have a huge menu full of the usual selections. To get a range of stuff to try, we both had bento boxes, mine with prawn teriyaki and the everloving’s with chicken. The miso soup was just  touch salty but, to be honest, that was the only complaint we could have had. The prawns and rice with mixed vegetables, the four good sized pieces of tempura, the tuna and salmon nigiri, and the crunchy crisp salad were as good as any I’ve eaten for a long while.

This probably isn’t the place you’d take a first date you were trying to impress, but for a satisfying quick meal at a very reasonable price, the Hirado is well worth the visit.


The Abstract Cafe

April 27, 2017

The Abstract Cafe has been open for a few months now and I have been meaning to give it a try. I had some time between assignments yesterday and dropped by.

This has to be one of the least visible sites on the Drive. It is in the mini-mall at the south-west corner of Commercial & Venables. It faces Venables and is in a deep set back and can easily be missed.  The Spelt Bakery used to be there before the space failed as a vape lounge last year.  For a limited-menu cafe it also faces competition from Uprising Bakery, right across the street, which has an ominously loyal following.

The space has an airy, comfortable feeling, with lots of art all over the orange walls. They have tables and chairs and easy couches; it feels homely, with an interesting soundtrack. It has something of the feel — though not the decor — of the Props House that used to be a few doors further down Venables. I liked it, I liked the coffee, and the lady who runs the place seems pleasant enough.


There is, as I said, a limited menu (click on the image for a larger view). I haven’t tried anything yet but I will be back.

Review: Sweet Greek

April 10, 2017

In the last Changes on The Drive I mentioned that the old Kingdom Beauty supply depot at 2227 Commercial had been given a new coat of bright yellow paint and was being renovated.  The new business is now open and is called Sweet Greek. I went there today to welcome them to the Drive and to try them out.

This is a Greek-based cafe with all the usual menu items and more,  but the first thing to notice is just how friendly are the couple who run it. They have only been open a couple of days and they are clearly wanting to encourage business, but the warmth to me and the others who followed me seemed genuine and I appreciate that.

All of the food is made on the premises and the pastries looked delicious. It was lunchtime so I had the daily special which proved to be a really good leek soup and a well-heated ham and cheese roll.  The coffee was just as good, too.

This is a huge space; much more than they appear to need right now. There are currently just a couple of chairs along one side of the serving bar, a shelf-table with stools along the Drive window, and four small tables along the north wall.  If they get popular, they have plenty enough space to put in more tables and chairs — and I hope they will need them.

Carthage Cafe: A Review

March 17, 2017

It has been many years since I visited the Carthage at 1851 Commercial Drive — and I have no idea why it has taken me so long to go back.  Today, with a good friend, the everloving and I had lunch there and it was wonderful.

The space is lovely; not too small, but intimately dark, and beautifully decorated in the style of a French brasserie with Tunisian accents. The tables are comfortably large and exquisitely dressed with good quality silver and sparkling stemware. Service was very good, friendly, knowledgeable, and never crowding.

I had the Carthage mussels. There were a good many of them, all splendid, and drenched in a marvelous cumin and harissa liquor. They have good quality bread, too, which helped soak it up.  It is a long time since I enjoyed mussels as good as these. The everloving had the steak sandwich, which also came with a harissa-based sauce. She declared it to be “great!”. Our friend had one of the daily specials, a fish stew which looked tremendous and which he thoroughly enjoyed.  All of the dishes were more than sufficient for lunch, and each was plated beautifully. Prices were on the moderate side of normal.

One small caveat — the frites were a little disappointing and, unlike everything else, were served without much care. This could be improved without too much effort.

Our friend has a relative in a wheelchair. He told us that he once made a reservation for them and, upon their arrival, found that the tables had been specifically re-arranged to make life as convenient as possible for the wheelchair-bound diner. That’s good service.

All in all this was a joyful experience, and I am sure we will return before too long.  Well recommended.

Cabrito — A Review

March 2, 2017

Last night, the ever-loving and I joined some friends at dinner at Cabrito restaurant at 2270 Commercial. It has been open about a year and this was our first visit.

It is a small space, although that is now typical on the Drive – a standard 25′ store frontage running to the back of the building. A lot of the available area is taken up with a bar (?) along the north wall which was not used at all while we were there.  That means the maximum number of patrons is about thirty (if you all breath in at once) seated mostly at communal tables. The decor is bright and Spanish; I liked the feel of it.

Most of the dishes are served as tapas. However, that wasn’t clear to any of us until the waitress explained that each of our choices might be smaller than we expected, and perhaps we should order more, which we did after more time spent with the menu. Maybe we should have known, but we didn’t.

We ordered beet salad, chicken Basquaise, a burger, a chorizo hot dog, Brussels sprouts, and the lamb. It was almost enough for the four of us.  The white beet salad was tremendous and, arriving first, kept us in happy anticipation for the balance. The chorizo was also excellent, and the sprouts were good.  The chicken had an interesting earthy flavour that wasn’t bad, but I got bored with it quite quickly. The burger was full sized, but came without any sides. I didn’t try it, but our friends thought it was “OK”. The lamb came as three very small chops and was overcooked, though the sauce was very pleasant.

So, the food was moderately all right. However, the various dishes arrived with great time gaps between them. The burger arrived last, perhaps 20 minutes or more after the beet salad. Tapas is sharing food, and it becomes difficult when there is only one dish at a time. The waitress was cheery, but that didn’t help the food come in any better order. And $25 a head without any drinks also takes it out of the cheap eats category.

Finally, it was very busy. The noise level was high enough when we arrived and somehow became even louder as the evening progressed.

I am afraid this place isn’t going to make it to our list of favourite and regular haunts. The Zomato rating site gives it 3 out of 5 which sounds about right.


The Best Of …

September 21, 2016

It is that time of year again, when the Georgia Straight announces “The Best Of” in Vancouver.  As usual, the majority of awards go to the west side but some local businesses score.

Those awarded #1 spot:

  • Attic Treasures for retro furniture;
  • Canna Clinic for best dispensary customer service (also #2 as best dispensary to chill, and #3 as best dispenary);
  • Daily Catch for seafood;
  • JJ Bean for local coffee chain;
  • Puff for best head shop;
  • Womyn’s Ware for sex toys (also #2 for fetish stuff)

Those in #2 place:

  • Choices for organic produce;
  • Spark for women’s wear independent;
  • Spartacus Gym for best independent gym;
  • Zool Suleman for immigration lawyer

Those in #3 place:

  • Donald’s for produce;
  • Figaro’s for garden store;
  • La Grotta for specialist cheese store;
  • Pasture to Plate for butcher

Congratulations to all of these, and to the many fabulous restaurants, bars, stores, and services in Grandview that were not recognised this year.

Characters Of the Drive

August 23, 2016

Skylight Restaurant — the last of the classic diners on the Drive — has been closed for the last couple of weeks so that the family who run the place can get a summer vacation. They were open today and so the everloving and I eagerly took ourselves down there for an 11:00am breakfast.

Considering it was the middle of the morning on a work day, we were surprised and pleased to see how busy the place was, with just our usual table (kismet!) and one other available. Corned beef and hash, and eggs benny (definitely NOT hollandaise, but damn tasty) with lots of coffee and toast, satisfied our inner needs, while the other clients and their (loud) conversations kept us interested.

Behind me, unseen but not unknown, two transgendered friends went back and forth with a street person at another table. One would tell a story about how “they” had screwed up their claim, and the other would respond with a story that topped the first in getting-screwedness. This went on and on until the stories were far into the BS zone. Still, they seemed to enjoy themselves.

At another table beside me an earnest middle-aged man explained in detail to his bored companion (who never spoke so far as I could tell) how 9/11 was an inside job. I couldn’t quite hear who he considered the villains of the piece but he knew it was all very fishy.

On my other side, three millennial media types took up a booth with their laptops and iphones and notebooks. They ordered coffee and took up a lot of space for a lot of time. I didn’t notice them share a single word of conversation.

And then there were the four West Siders who arrived, and sat defensively, close together. They studied the simple menu for a long time and then ordered with lots of substitutions. They whispered among themselves, and they sounded like the coming of gentrification. Their various loud perfumes filled the room insensitively for those with chemical sensitivities. Leaving the Skylight and plunging into the aroma of Western Reduction (really powerful today) was almost a relief.