Scenes From Stone Soup

May 11, 2019


A gloriously hot day helping to make today’s Stone Soup Festival busier than the last few years as I recall.


Stone Soup Festival

May 11, 2019

Reminder: GWAC Tonight

May 6, 2019

Tonight’s meeting of the Grandview Woodland Area Council will feature an important discussion on long term planning for traffic to and through Grandview if and when the viaducts are demolished.  More details here.

Meeting is at 7:00pm in the Learning Resources Centre beneath the Britannia Library.

Bravo To The Butt Pickers

May 5, 2019

Yesterday, a group of community volunteers performed their annual clean up of Grandview Park by picking up and disposing of more than 21,000 cigarette butts, several thousand more than last year.

The organizer Alexandria Weiderman notes that alleviating the environmental hazards posed by the toxins in the butts is just as important as the beautification the program brings us.

Thanks to the volunteers for doing this, and thanks to the CBC for covering it.

24th Annual Stone Soup Festival

May 2, 2019

Late Warning of An Interesting Event

April 25, 2019

Tonight — yes, Thursday, this very night — at the People’s Co-op Bookstore at 1391 Commercial there will be an interesting discussion at the first ever People’s Book Club.  As per their mailing:


Our first book is In Defense of Housing, by David Madden and Peter Marcuse.  Derrick O’Keefe will introduce the event, and do his best to wrangle the ensuing discussion.

In Defense of Housing is available at the People’s Co-op for (cough, cough) $35.99, but by saying the magic words “See you on April 25 at the People’s Book Club!” you automatically qualify for a 20% discount.

Things get under way at 7:30 :: Admission is free.


Should be fun!  Apologies for the late warning.


It’s Earth Day Again!

April 18, 2019

This weekend, we will celebrate Earth Day once again.  As has been the case since 2011, much of Vancouver’s celebration will take place on the Drive this Saturday.

Starting at about 1:00pm,  a procession will start at Broadway & Commercial and make its noisy and fun-filled way down to Grandview Park.

Hope you can join us!