Snacks Tonight #16: An Election Special

November 6, 2018


I just made a mixed-berry clafouti for our snacking pleasure tonight as we watch the Mid-Term Election results. Every time a Democrat wins we will eat a blue piece; every time a Republican loses we’ll eat a red piece. I doubt it will last through the night  :- )


Dinner Tonight #52

November 4, 2018


Tonight I made Korean Bulgogi Bolognese; a rather odd fusion, but it tasted great.

Snacks Tonight #15

November 2, 2018

This afternoon I made a wonderful French apple cake.  Shown here with some Gelato Amore gelato.

Dinner Tonight #51

October 30, 2018


Tonight, for the first time, I made a clam chowder.  It was great!

Snacks Tonight #14

October 27, 2018

Last night I made my first ever New York style Cheesecake.


Just had to try a piece after breakfast, and it was pretty good!

A Fine Lunch

October 26, 2018


This was just the start of what we enjoyed for dim sum today at Western Lake.  Chow fun, crispy fried squid, and spicy green beans.  Can’t beat it!

Dinner Tonight #50

October 25, 2018

Tonight I made an old-fashioned British pie — corned beef, potatoes & onions.  Served with pea, carrots and a rich gravy, it was pretty darned good!