Vancouver-Hastings Election #1

September 28, 2020

We are now well into our Election of Broken Promises, with election day just 26 days away. Here in the imperial NDP riding of Vancouver-Hastings, our long-time MLA Shane Simpson is taking his golden parachute and flying the coop.  He was often approachable as an neighbourhood MLA, but frankly as Minister of Poverty he was a disaster for failing to fix the Shelter Allowance for those most in need.

It is assumed that whoever gets the NDP nomination, gets the seat in Victoria. And that “whoever” now becomes Niki Sharma, once and always a Visionista hand-me-down. Nothing could steer me away from a candidate more quickly than seeing endorsements from people such as Kevin Quinlan and Maria Dobrinskaya. Does she even live in the constituency?

The BC Liberals are running with Alex Read, described as a private school principal. As any party I supported would have the elimination of tax-payer supported private schools as one of its policies, I doubt he and I would agree on much. Update: Not sure where I got the principal info from, but it seems he is a franchising entrepreneur, with interests in health care.

The BC Greens candidate is Bridget Burns.

Where is the BC Ecosocialist candidate? Where are the other alternative candidates? Hopefully some interesting local characters may raise their heads above the parapet and take a run at this thing, if even just for name-recognition next time.

BC Election – Mail-In Voting

September 22, 2020

I know that many people are concerned about gathering in crowds at a polling station. However, it is perfectly legal and easy to vote by mail.

Here is the Elections BC page with all the information.

Stay safe!

The Election of Broken Promises

September 21, 2020

It is less than one full day since Horgan called a Provincial election, and already we know that the NDP are not a party to be trusted.

In calling for an early election, they have decided that the law (which fixes the date of the next election) does not apply to them. And their signature on the Confidence and Supply Agreement they signed with the Green Party (in which Horgan agreed not to call an early election) also means nothing when it seems better for the NDP to ignore it.

This is naked power-grabbing,

During the last election, the NDP campaigned against Site C, against fracking, and in favour of treating indigenous peoples with full respect. In the last three years they have broken all of those promises in spades!

Fool me once, shame on you. But I am not fool enough to fall for the same BS again.