Billy Clark

February 4, 2016

Billy Clark

The image and the following text are from an article on the always interesting Creative Review.

Norwich University of the Arts graduate Billy Clark has been producing some lovely illustrations of late, from self-initiated portraits and still lifes to a visual account of Paris Fashion Week for Port magazine … His main focus is illustration, though he still works on design projects and hand-drawn type from time to time. Clark’s work has a painterly and slightly retro feel, combining bold colours with a clever use of light and shade.

I like his stuff.

Large Scale Public Art Brings Stars To The City

December 10, 2015

I was intrigued by a detailed article in Creative Review about a large installation Stella Artois beer is bringing to New York and Buenos Aires.

“There are many upsides to city life, but one of the downsides is the impossibility of seeing the stars – light pollution has put paid to our chances of that. So, for the holiday season in New York and Buenos Aires, Stella Artois has created an installation that brings the stars back to the city, for a brief period at least.”

2015 Stella stars

“As well as the beautiful vision of a starscape, the installation has an interactive element too, with certain stars equipped with movement sensors. When a visitor reaches up to these, they will drift down slowly towards them. These special stars are also linked to cameras that capture a photo of the guest reaching up which they can then access at the end of the experience – theme park style – and share on social media …

“The attention to detail on the project extends beyond just the visuals into sound too. ‘We collaborated with some NASA scientists in order to get various recordings that they have captured from stars,” explains Mother producer Max Yates. “Stars genuinely make a sound … we then took those sounds and they form part of the installation, as a background noise that is interactive as you walk through’.”

Sounds fascinating. Sorry I missed it.

Vinyl Album Cover Art Awards

November 7, 2015

Man, there are some truly wonderful artworks in the world today. And some of the strongest can be found in the cover art for vinyl albums.

vinyl album


vinyl album 2

for example.  These are just two nominees (Robert Beattie, top; Rutherford and Mason, below) for Vinyl Album Cover Art of the Year Award.

They are taken from an excellent article in CreativeReview which covers the short list in detail. Well worth it both as a good read and as a display of the images themselves.

Man On The Moon

November 6, 2015

The John Lewis stores in England have been known for decades as a fine employee-owned company. They are, I believe, one of England’s largest retailers, with more than 80,000 owner-employees. My grandmother worked for them in the back office for a long time in the 40s, 50s and 60s.

Their Christmas ad this year reflects everything that is good about the company.

The French Really Know …

November 24, 2014

… how to advertise orange juice!

Pizza Branding

November 19, 2014

pizza hutI was in marketing for quite a while before I retired. I still have a fascination with the art of marketing, and applaud when it is done well.  So I am a sucker for “insider” stories about major brand renewals, such as that happening at market-leader but aging Pizza Hut. has a great piece on how Pizza Hut is moving to a fourth rebranding in less than two decades. The campaign is being led by Deutsch LA, the same group that just completed the Taco Bell revamp.

The logo, the menu, the customer audience, black as the new red, even the buildings themselves have come under the re-design microscope. Jared Drinkwater, Pizza Hut’s VP of Marketing says:

“If you look at the trends in food among young consumers, it’s about flavor exploration. We felt like nobody was doing that in pizza.”

He shakes off any idea that Pizza Hut is going upscale:

“If you think about the cast iron in the pans in the back of our restaurant, it has that gritty look. And we think, from a design perspective, the food pops really nicely.”

Time will tell.

Les Sapeurs Rise Again!

January 18, 2014

One of the most popular posts I ever wrote on this blog was about Les Sapeurs in the Congo. That post was from more than five years ago and I still get hits on it every week.  Just the other day I was watching TV and saw this ad from Guinness that features the group.

It is just wonderful that these folks are still getting coverage.  Bravo!


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