I have been online since running a number of BBSs in the early 1990s, and I have been blogging since that became a thing. I’ve had two earlier blogs called Jak’s View From Vancouver.  The last one is here.   Time to change up a little.  No idea what we’ll do here, but I’ll try to amuse at least myself.

Update:  Night Music posts are uploaded at 5:00pm each even-day evening.  Images are uploaded each odd-day morning, generally at 10:00am. A poem is published at 8:00am each Monday. Changes on the Drive editions are published on the first day of every month, time variable.

Between those fixed schedules, I write about whatever is interesting me at the time: much of it will be Grandview related, with art, Vancouver and BC politics, and consumerism to the fore.

Direct comments to each post but, if you need to get hold of me, try jakking@shaw.ca

15 Responses to About

    • jakking says:

      He is a dictator. No different from any dictator in the past. He is destroying a country that did so well as a secular republic. Turkey is now a pariah state.

  1. Steve Duncan says:

    Hey Jak, may i reprint part of your review of the Reef?


  2. Elodie says:

    Hi, Jak. Stumbled across this website today and thought you might enjoy.


  3. Jill Marie says:

    I want to follow your blog…I stumbled across it while doing research for my art history class and I’ve enjoyed reading it very much!
    How do I follow you???

    Much love!!

  4. jakking says:

    Hi there! I’m glad you enjoy my odd little musings. Right now, the only way to follow the blog is to make regular visits. I do not have RSS or email feeds. However, since you ask, I will visit Feedburner and some other sites and see what setting up a feed will require. Thanks for the comment!

  5. Tom Shubnell says:

    Just came across your site while googling for ‘the day the music died’. Spent way too much time reading and thoroughly enjoyed it all. Your writing is such a comfortable style that I felt we were having a conversation.


  6. Good Evening Jak,

    We have just come across what you have wrote about our restaurant. Thank you for the note in your work. We would be happy to meet with you sometime. You mention that our restaurant comes across as maybe high class and that we are expensive.

    This is not what we wanted to establish ourselves as. We are a family run and operated business. We do offer a full course menu, but as well people are more then welcome to just try what they would like.

    Thank you again for considering our establishment in you post, come by and see what Absinthe Bistro is about.

    Don’t forget to try the pork cheeks. We change our menu weekly to keep with the locals. They have been asking us to keep this item on for a longer period of time.

    Best regards,
    Absinthe Bistro

    • jakking says:

      Many thanks for your comment. I will certainly be trying the Bistro in the next little while, and I do wish you the very best of luck in an intense restaurant market!

  7. Hi Jak, I didn’t know you were at the Peoples Co-op Bookstore on Sunday. I would have liked to have said hello as I don’t think we’d met in person before.

  8. jakking says:

    Hi Aaron, I would have liked that too. However, it seemed to be well-organized, quite busy, and I didn’t want to intrude (other than with my camera, of course!). Maybe soon.

  9. Sam king says:

    There is a certain person whom delivers wise and intellectual knowledge to you all.

    Today is a special occasion he is 70 today
    And after years of ups n downs.

    I’m proud to call this person my DAD

    Happy Birthday Dad
    Your Son xxx

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