A Memory of “Imperial Commander”

November 23, 2013

There is, apparently, some rumour that Rupert Murdoch’s marriage to Wendy Deng came to an end partly as a result of an affair between Ms. Deng and former British PM Tony Blair.  The rumour doesn’t sound altogether reasonable to me.  However, it did remind me of this image of George Bush and Cherie Blair I created back in the day:


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Imperial Commander

October 14, 2010

And while we are indulging in political memories, this was “Imperial Commander”, my review of the Bush years. Click on the image to start the show.

Imperial Commander #10

December 20, 2008


That’s it for this series. Goodbye, George. May you have a quiet and forgotten retirement.

Imperial Commander #9

December 19, 2008


Imperial Commander #8

December 18, 2008


Imperial Commander #7

December 17, 2008


Imperial Commander #6

December 16, 2008


Imperial Commander #5

December 15, 2008


Imperial Commander #4

December 14, 2008


Imperial Commander #3

December 13, 2008


Imperial Commander #2

December 12, 2008


Imperial Commander #1

December 11, 2008

Imperial Commander was a series I ran a few years ago.  In the run up to the end of Bush’s Presidency, I thought that a little nostalgia was in order.


The Good Old Days

March 28, 2020

Remember those good old days of 2008 when this was what we worried about?


For a slice of nostalgia see the full Imperial Commander series.

Blowing The Trumpet #1

August 9, 2017

Back in the day, when Bush 43 was President, I created a series of images called “Imperial Commander.”   The current President is even more fun and so deserves his own set.

The series is called Blowing The Trumpet and this is the first:


November 30, 2012



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Our Winter Wonderland

December 12, 2008

Sometime today, Vancouver will get its first dusting of snow this season — and this morning it sure is cold enough.   However, my gal and I are escaping to Mexico today for a week in the sun!


While our house-sitters can take care of our house and home, their ability to post here is more limited.  I have set up the Imperial Commander series to post once a day. Other than that, this is by way of saying “adieu” until the 20th.

Have fun!

Why We Go To War

October 11, 2014


Here is a reminder from 2008 about the real reason our leaders send us to war.