Dinner Tonight #39

January 20, 2018


Tonight I made a baked brie stuffed with cranberries and ham.  Served with Ceasar salad, it was mighty fine.


Dinner Tonight #38

January 12, 2018



I call these pork splats (not so pretty but very tasty), served with steamed mixed vegetables and Chef John’s bravas sauce.  Not bad at all.


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Dinner Tonight #37

December 4, 2017

Tonight I tackled a blanquette de porc en veloute. It was time consuming but well worthwhile with a fascinating blend of flavours and textures.

Dinner Tonight #36

November 17, 2017

Tonight I made some rather misshapen (but otherwise gorgeous) Sui Mai dumplings along with Chef John’s potstickers.  First time for both and they tasted great with a soy-vinegar-chili sauce.

Dinner Tonight #35

November 14, 2017

A French style of macaroni & cheese, served with a strawberry, celery & mushroom salad. Wonderful.

An anecdote:  I started preparing this before I went to St Paul’s for a checkup today. I got there early enough to visit the excellent cafeteria for lunch.  Guess what the main entree was?  Yes, mac & cheese!  Luckily the mushroom soup was fabulous so I didn’t go hungry.

Dinner Tonight #34

October 29, 2017


Every year the everloving asks me what I want for birthday dinner. And most years I say “meat pie”.  She makes a fabulous double pastry old fashioned meat pie, and today was no different!

Dinner Tonight #33

October 9, 2017


A chicken and mushroom pie tonight, one of Jamie Oliver’s 30-minute meals.  It was great, though I would use less stock next time to create a thicker sauce.


Dinner Tonight #32

September 26, 2017


Last night I made this very simple Penne with Roasted Cherry Tomatoes (to which I added some fresh basil). It was very satisfying.

Dinner Tonight #31

September 18, 2017


Tonight I made this wonderful Moroccan cauliflower and chick pea soup. Great mix of spices and textures.


Select image for a closer look,

Dinner Tonight #30

September 6, 2017


Chicken with shallots from the New York Times. I used breasts as I had no thighs and it turned out pretty good.

Dinner Tonight #29

August 31, 2017

One of our long time favourites — Goan fish curry.

Select image for a closer look.

Dinner Tonight #28

August 24, 2017

Unfortunately the pictures I took of dinner tonight didn’t come out well enough to publish (I didn’t find that out until everything was eaten!).  However, I really liked the meal and so wanted to share it.

We had spice rubbed pork chops with brandied cherries with a (new for us) side of Mark Bittman’s cacio e pepe (both from the NY Times). They worked really well together I thought, especially as both parts take about the same length of cooking time.

Dinner Tonight #27

July 19, 2017

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Zuppa Arcidossana: hot Italian sausage, spinach and carrot soup, garnished with feta cheese. This was from Mark Bittman back in 2009 and we have made it regularly ever since.  Really good stuff.

Dinner Tonight #26

July 16, 2017

Here is the mise-en-place for what turned out to be a really good puttanesca, one of our absolute favourites.

Dinner Tonight #25

July 7, 2017

Pork vegetables, and peanut butter stew.  A favourite for many decades, originally by James Barber.

Dinner Tonight #24

July 5, 2017


The mise-en-place for tonight’s wonderful cottage pie (the potatoes were boiling elsewhere in splendid isolation). Satisfying food certainly doesn’t need to be complicated.

Dinner Tonight #23

May 28, 2017

If you love olives, you’ll love this!  Simple to make, but really complex in taste.  Of course, if you don’t care for olives then there isn’t much I can say.

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Dinner Tonight #22

May 3, 2017


The Wolfgang Puck/Chef John ham and ricotta calzone, with marinara dipping sauce, and a mixed salad.

Dinner Tonight #21

April 15, 2017


Spaghetti carbonara, using fresh home-made noodles and special bacon from JNZ.

I followed the method from Almazan Kitchen which, if you have never seen his videos, displays food porn of the highest quality.  I only wish I had the wherewithal to cook in the pristine forest as he does.

Select image for a closer view.

Dinner Tonight #20

April 13, 2017

Old-fashioned cottage pie.  Wonderful comfort food for a damp and cool evening.