Changes On The Drive #131


We start this month by noting an article in the Vancouver Sun describing the Drive and Grandview as “a family friendly suburb”. It touches on a wide range of points of interest without digging very deep. A useful survey for those who perhaps don’t know the area too well.

As for changes this month ….

The Haze Smoke Shop at 2245 Commercial is apparently open, but their windows are still papered over.

Chancho is still not yet open at 2096 Commercial, though we have waited quite some months now. Some background to this well-known Yaletown eatery can be found here and here.

The storefront at 2017 Commercial has been taken over by Cafe Des Amis.

There is a very nice review of Audiopile, 2016 Commercial, at TheVinyl Factory. The store is described as “friendly” and “a pleasure for fans of experimental and avant-garde” music.

At long last, Fior Di Latte has opened at 1858 Commercial.

We haven’t mentioned before that 1816 Commercial is now home to a developer’s sales office for The Cut. I believe it was there last month, too.

Osita Restaurant at 1728 Commercial was granted its liquor license at City Council last Thursday.

The customer-and community-friendly 24/7/365 supermarket, SuperValu at 1st and Commercial, is rebranding to Fresh Market. Our understanding is that ownership and staff will stay the same as today.

Hanai at 1590 Commercial celebrated its first anniversary on the Drive at the beginning of March. To celebrate they have begun a Happy Hour series on Thursdays to Mondays.

Sopra Sotto, 1510 Commercial, is celebrating its 5th anniversary on the Drive.

The breakfasts at Livia, 1399 Commercial, get a shoutout in this article.

The building at 1350-1380 Commercial, which houses Rosemary Rock Salt and Famoso Pizzeria has been sold. Arranged by the Altos Group, the sale was for $5,560,000 or $1,150 per square foot, according to an article in the Globe & Mail‘s Report on Business. I believe the seller was Bennis Properties. Interestingly, the property had been listed at $6,800,000 just last year.

As reported earlier, Tamam To Go has sadly closed at 1108 Commercial.

The storefront at 1020 Commercial has been occupied by Mind At Large Medicinals.

Kin Kao, 903 Commercial, gets a good review here.

H/T this month to Penny, Steve, Dorothy, Bill, Eric, and Judy.

Vacancies on the Drive this month: 

2111 Commercial, 2105 Commercial, 2096 Commercial, 2058 Commercial, 2057 Commercial, 1733 Commercial, 1670 Commercial, 1428 Commercial, 1340 Commercial, 1230 Commercial, 1124 Commercial, 1108 Commercial, 1027 Commercial.

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5 Responses to Changes On The Drive #131

  1. Colin Sinclair says:

    2111 commercial is being used by a visual effects company called G Creative. If anyone knows the landlords information I run Del Ray Barbershop and am interested in moving my shop to Tino’s barbershops old location!

    • jakking says:

      Hi Colin: Thanks for the note. I have shown 2111 as being vacant since Tino left in 2020, so your info about G Creative was new to me. I do not know who the landlord is but I will dig around and see if I can find out.

  2. Ferry Seagull says:

    There is no association of the Burnaby original Fior de Latte and the shop (diff name) on Commercial.

    • f says:

      Il Mundo Caffe & Bakery
      Coffee shop is the new name
      1858 Commercial Dr
      And no connection other than the gelato tray with Fior di Latte of 4233 East Hastings, Burnaby.

  3. Ferry Seagull says:

    Tanam on 2616 E. Hastings and Penticton has been closed and quiet for many months, furniture and sign intact
    But their website indicates a May 2, 2023 full restaurant mass booking.

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