Do They Ever Fix The Sidewalks?


I am now the proud owner of a mobility scooter.

This was a necessary purchase as I am no longer able to walk more than about half a block without needing to rest for long periods. It will allow me to get out of the house more often, and I am looking forward especially to resuming a more active participation in the monthly Changes on the Drive exercises.

Today, I took it out for its first long run — from Adanac along Victoria to 1st, and then down to Commercial, returning home along Commercial. It gave me a great sense of freedom and satisfaction. However, it also got me intimately concerned about the state of the sidewalks.

The eight block stretch of sidewalk along Victoria Drive that I took was a minefield of uneven surfaces; huge ridges, major cracks, and other impedimentia that several times threatened to throw me from the chair. These are not so noticeable as you walk along, but riding on solid wheels they are a significant hazard.

I know that car drivers often complain about how long it takes to fix potholes in the street. But I wonder if the sidewalks are ever fixed?

3 Responses to Do They Ever Fix The Sidewalks?

  1. Dorothy Barkley says:

    I was told that the city is only liable for upheavals of +3″ which isn’t helpful. I find Victoria and also Adanac east of Victoria to be particularly hazardous at night when it isn’t so easy to see the upheavals. I so appreciate the shade of the trees in the summer, but their roots have contributed to a lot of this on the side streets.

  2. Dorothy Barkley says:

    Also congratulations!!!!

  3. ADEN Carpenter says:

    Gorgeous mobility scooter! Your letter spelled it out so well. The side walks should be safe for all. I have seen exactly what you mentioned since I walk a lot. I can not imagine navigating these walks on a scooter
    Why should one have to navigate a side walk in the first place.
    If the city refuses to repair the walks maybe a wheel chair scooter lane should be considered. The upheavals of pavement from tree roots I see all the time.
    No one should have to risk falling or tripping on a public sidewalk. In the dark its even worse.
    Also signs and cyclists ought not to be allowed on side walks as well.
    The A style signs plonked in front of stores.
    Bicyclists weaving around pedestrians.
    These impediments are hard enough for the average pedestrian to navigate around never mind people that utilize wheel chairs mobility scooters and walkers.
    Congratulations on your new wheels!

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