100 Years Ago Today in Grandview #1


One hundred years ago today, on 24th January 1923, it was announced that the School Board had purchased the block between Lakewood & Templeton, and E. Georgia and Barnard (now Adanac), for the sum of $10,500, a price that was considered “exceptionally low”. This would eventually become Templeton School.

4 Responses to 100 Years Ago Today in Grandview #1

  1. johnpayzant says:

    Interesting see the place interesting to see how it started to now!

  2. Cool, the smoking pit is an actual pit!

  3. Nathan Davidowicz says:

    The first motor bus started in 1923 it served Renfrew and Rupert Streets

  4. Ferry Seagull says:

    Named after a Mayor the 1890s, as was the street


    It was a juniot (grade 7 to 10) high school at the time. In the 1960s it was expanded greatly with gyms, shops and labs for the baby boomers (with an also increase in Catholic school students avoiding grade 9 fees) arriving, as a secondary school (grades 7 to 12), despite the nearby Britannia High School on Cottonn Drive.

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