Night Music: Rhapsody In Blue

December 12, 2022


Settle back and relax for the 20 minutes this mid-century masterpiece takes to sweep through.

Poem: Five Definitive Movements

December 12, 2022


Childhood is

a flat green blade growing from the stem of a plant,

the absorbing and digesting of

a body of myths


Adolescence is

the property of becoming self-luminous

in the recognition of

fire and hunger and strong desire


Adulthood is

the acceptance of the heat and light caused by burning;

a steady flow that rises

as the tide, and ebbs


Wisdom is

known only to those of special comprehension,

something very white,

a leaf blown across the firmament


Death is

the beginning of all things, the nape

that links the body of one life to

the head of the next


Radio First

December 12, 2022


Today we celebrate the 121st anniversary of the very first transatlantic radio transmission, sent by Gugliemo Marconi from Cornwall to Newfoundland, proving that the curvature of the earth did not affect radio waves.