Changes On The Drive #127


Yes, we’re back! Thanks once again to Steve and Penny who actually did the walk this week.

First, a correction or rather an addition. In the previous post, we inadvertently omitted the Harbour Oyster + Bar at 1408 Commercial from our comprehensive listing. Our apologies!

The Cashmart store at 2245 Commercial has closed.

Pacific Ink & Toner at 2115 is closing at the end of the month. They share a double storefront with National Massage Chairs at 2125 but it is unclear if that, too, is about to cease operations.

The former Cafe Deux Soleils at 2096 Commercial is still vacant. However, there seems to be some renovation work going on there. A sign mentioned a company called Ceridian which is a human relations and payroll outfit. Not sure yet how they are connected to the space.

At 1858 Commercial, we are still awaiting the opening of Fior De Latte.

Vancouver Magazine has a quick bright paean to Persia Foods, which it describes as the most affordable grocery in Vancouver. Our version on the Drive is at 1730 Commercial.

At First & Commercial, it is disappointing to see that Il Mercato Mall has fallen victim to the city’s current fetish of window breaking.

Image: Kerry Smith

There have been rumours about the ownership and possible closing of SuperValu. Ownership is still unclear, but I am told they have been assured that they will have another ten years on their lease before that entire corner is re-developed.

The former Black Dog Video storefront at 1470 Commercial has been taken over by Soulessentials Records. And Marsala Marinated Meats has opened at 1458 Commercial.

Cafe du Soleil at 1393 Commercial was the victim of an armed robbery at brunch last Sunday. Two men with guns stole money and cell phones from staff and customers before escaping in a car.

The iconic grocery and deli, Santa Barbara at 1322 Commercial, is still the subject of rumours that they will close this year. They have been sorely challenged by the big-money competition such as Choices, and there have been problems hiring staff. The result is still not clear, but it will be a major disappointment to many of us if they are forced to close.

No longer a rumour; Fets Whisky Kitchen at 1230 Commercial — on the Drive in various guises since the 1980s — will close at the end of December; Allura and Eric are retiring. They will be greatly missed.

At 1124 Commercial, Lotus Barber and Tattooing is renovating.

At 935 Commercial, we are still awaiting the opening of Nicli Pronto, while the new building at 928 Commercial no longer has a STOP WORK order on it and heavy equipment is in operation every day.

Finally, the Kin Kao restaurant at 903 Commercial is basking in the glory of its second spot — Kin Kao Song at 317 E. Broadway — which has won a coveted Michelin Bib Gourmand award.

Vacancies on the Drive this month: 

2245 Commercial, 2111 Commercial, 2096 Commercial, 2058 Commercial, 1858 Commercial, 1851 Commercial, 1733 Commercial, 1670 Commercial, 1428 Commercial, 1340 Commercial, 1124 Commercial, 1020 Commercial, 935 Commercial

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3 Responses to Changes On The Drive #127

  1. Ferry Seagull says:

    Fior de latte is open (and started in North Burnaby (opp. Anton’s Pasta) ) at
    Fior di Latte – 100B-4233 Hastings Street, Burnaby, BC
    Food › Patisserie/Cake Shop
    “This cafe is a vibe! Music, chill ambience, pastries, lattes and gelato. The black forest cookie is heavenly, and the cheesecake is to die for! It’s a great …”
    More variety of gelatos in the summer, about 16 different ones now.
    Started a second time as a bakery, with gelato side-line.
    They are going to open on the Drive, eventually.

    Gelatos as good as the late, lamented Venezia Gelato on Victoria Drive.

  2. Karen La says:

    Chancho Tortilleria will be taking over Cafe Deux Soleils at 2096 Commercial. They just announced it on their Instagram.

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