Who To Choose?

October 3, 2022


Now That Voting Has Started …

October 3, 2022


… it is time to remind voters that you are not obliged to vote for all the positions available. There are, for example, 10 Council seats up for election but you only have to vote for those you actually want: if there are only 5 or 6 Council candidates you support, then only vote for those. Same goes for Park Board and School Board.

Local political writer Ray Tomlin has explained it well:

“Having spoken with strategists working within the 10 civic parties offering candidates for election in 2022, civic campaign managers are recommending their voters “plump their ballot” — voting only for the candidate(s) they really want to see elected. “Pro-plumping” strategists are telling their voters that giving a vote to someone you really don’t care about, simply to fill the ballot, weakens the position of those you really do want in. Too many votes for a candidate running with a party you don’t support not only weakens your vote for the candidates you want to see win on election night, it dramatically increases the likelihood that your favourite candidates may lose.”

It is also worth noting that civic politics controls much of your daily life — development, zoning, business licensing, basic municipal services — and yet fewer people vote in civic elections than for other levels of government. Whoever you support, do yourself a favour and make sure you vote!

Image: Blue Yellow Red

October 3, 2022

Poem: Alphabetizing Two Worlds

October 3, 2022



It was easy to place History before Politics,

Medicine before Physicians; and

“Snow Fell on Cedars”

had to come after

“Escape From Alcatraz”.

But how was he to choose

Literature over Culture

or Astronomy over Alchemy?

And Asimov could go anywhere,

With his reflections about water

On the half-moons of Venus.

With bookcases brushing the ceilings,

And more volumes stacked halfway up walls,

melding the books, shuffling the pages,

was turning out to be the hardest part

of moving in together.


Amid the piles of unsorted memoirs he halted,

His unpacking abandoned.

He remembered the dancing, the dinners,

The walking.

It was easy to place Love before Duty.