Night Music: I’ve Been Loving You Too Long

August 8, 2022

The Great CBC Rip-Off

August 8, 2022


I don’t watch a lot of network TV, preferring to stream stuff on my own schedule. However, I have been watching The Great British Bake-Off series each Sunday on CBC. Last week, I noticed something that I thought was peculiar, and yesterday evening I confirmed it.

The show is scheduled as a 90-minute broadcast. But of that 90 minutes, a full 37 minutes (or about 40%) is commercials. No only that but the ads now come in huge batches — some segments being 5 minutes long!

The CRTC used to have strict rules about the amount of commercial time per hour but my reading of the current regulations suggest there are now “no limits” for TV stations. That is a bizarre way of killing the golden goose because I will no longer watch network CBC and will switch entirely to Gem for their shows which eliminates the need for me to be deluged in commercials.

Poem: Care

August 8, 2022


To enter into

the castle of her mind


— a private place adorned

with the illuminated thought

of past centuries —


was an adventure

she allowed to few.


The gate into

that world of reminiscence


— a veil ornamented

with the beauty and vacancy

of a divine smile —


was kept firmly shut

to all but the hardy.


The key to

that locked-up voice


— a brittle stained glass window

etched and impacted

by the meteors of time —


was inspiration

affection and love.