Two Geniuses Reach 80


Today is the 80th birthday of Brian Wilson, arguably one of the great musical craftspeople of my generation. Two days ago it was the 80th birthday of Paul McCartney.

Back in the day — in those glorious days when we didn’t trust anyone over 30 — my contemporaries were divided into adherents of the Beach Boys, those who preferred the Beatles, and others who tapped their feet to the rhythm and blues of the Stones (Mick will be 80 next year).

I’m sure there are still some who stick to those ideologies, but I suspect most of us grew into understanding that they were all musical geniuses who, between them, both created and reflected the zeitgeist that was our lives.

Time to put Pet Sounds, Rubber Soul, and Some Girls on repeat rotation!

One Response to Two Geniuses Reach 80

  1. Dorothy Barkley says:

    So true Jak! I loved the Beach Boys, whose music always enlivened things; I regarded the Beatles’ music as bubble gum music and the Rolling Stones as a lively pop band. I grew to love and actually respect them all enormously.

    My affection will always remain for the Beach Boys’ entire catalog, but my respect and admiration have grown so much for Brian Wilson. I have watched a number of Brian Wilson documentaries & biopics, each always teaching me something new about the man.

    My dismissive view of the Beatles’ music was thoroughly demolished when I saw the film “Across the Universe” and my eyes opened to the marvel of their songwriting and production. I recently watched Peter Jackson’s 4-part documentary and was fascinated. Across the Universe is like a favourite book that repeat reading/viewing always satisfies.

    I still think the Rolling Stones are a fine lively pop band!

    When did we all get so old?

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