The Safeway Site: Planners’ Report

June 1, 2022


Vancouver’s Planning department has issued their report on the huge Safeway development at Commercial & Broadway. It is available at the CoV website here. It will come before Council next Tuesday, June 7th, for a referral to a public hearing.

Everyone who has an interest in the future of Commercial Drive, Grandview, and East Vancouver in general should read the report and consider whether this out-of-scale developers’ money-maker is a suitable fit for our neighbourhood.

If you are coming to this long-ongoing development late, much of the history can be found here.

Nothing about this process surprises me any more but I was still upset to realize that building several hundred of what will no doubt be highly-profitable market rental suites (along with a bare handful of almost affordable suites) gives the developer the privilege of not having to pay the Community Amenity Contributions most development attract.

Image: Echoes of Childhood

June 1, 2022