Night Music: Femme Fatale

April 30, 2022

Image: Street Art #2

April 29, 2022

Night Music: You and Me

April 28, 2022

Image: Line #1

April 27, 2022

Night Music: Blinded By The Light

April 26, 2022

GWAC and CoV’s Head of Planning

April 26, 2022


A New Socialist Party

April 25, 2022


On May Day, at Grandview Park at 12:30pm, yet another civic political party makes its entry onto the stage. This time it is a new party with an old name, Socialists.

Everyone is invited to their founding launch.

Image: Triumphalism

April 25, 2022

Poem: (Lo)ve

April 25, 2022

ecce homo
this Jew ex machina
who’s purloined Pauline
crashed the Whore
of Rome’s machinery

— a sudden stoppage
in the
constant(ine) gears
which had weathered
the (st)orms
of barbarism and buffoonery —

died on a tree
say it
(s)aint so
devoid of (e)motion
qui(e)t, silent even
as the public gawked
and prodded
b(lo)ody hands agape.

Agape! he cries,
through the tears
renting his b(lo)ody flesh
almost as ba(l)dly
as we have
rented his b(lo)ody
super(ficial) image
through the years

in the
par(ox)ysm of death
he begged
his go(o)d forgive
those who
(k)illed him
with their fears


Deconstructing Constructivism

April 24, 2022

Christie’s online magazine has a useful guide to the movement that began in revolutionary Russia and swept across the world with far greater success than the politics of the same origin.

“As supporters of the political ideologies propagated by Russian revolutionaries, Constructivists imagined art as an active agent in the Socialist cause. Art should reflect the modern industrial world, and, above all, be accessible to the masses. Members of the group strived to make art that was relevant in a rapidly changing world, that was free from academic tradition, and devoid of any emotive or subjective properties.”

“Constructivists considered their art a product of an industrial order, rather than a unique commodity, and a precursor to the factory-produced mass-made object. They often explored collective ways of working, and regarded the object-maker as a builder or engineer rather than as an individual artist … Many of their works, both two-dimensional and three-dimensional in form, are characterised by their austere, angular geometric shapes.”

Their influence in early Soviet life was profound.

Textile designs by Varvara Stepanova

However, after Stalin suppressed the Constructivists, the movement moved abroad influencing the Bauhaus, De Stijil, Zero, and Geometric schools through the 1980s.  The precepts of the movement has inspired artists such as Paul Klee, Piet Mondran, Vasily Kandinsky.

Peter Struyken, “Structuur II” (1969)

Does Constructivism survive today?

“Absolutely. Constructivism has influenced many contemporary artists making art with computer programmes, with a lot of today’s abstract art having roots in the Constructivist movement of the 1970s.”

A useful article.

Night Music: I Try

April 24, 2022

The “original” Craig’s List?

April 24, 2022

In those distant days before the internet, seventy years ago, and sixty years before Craig’s List, a couple from East Vancouver using just the telephone, set up a middle-man position for people trying to buy and sell things.

“People who want to buy or sell anything can phone Boyd’s List and will receive information where buyers and/or sellers can be contacted.  A very reasonable charge is made for this service.” — Highland Echo, 24 April 1952.

Craig’s List … Boyd’s List — even the name is not new!

The Invasion of The Dominican Republic

April 24, 2022

Fifty-seven years ago today, in order to protect the world from “a second Cuba”, US President Lyndon Johnson — obviously not distracted enough by losing the Vietnam War — ordered the US Marines to invade that Caribbean superpower, the Dominican Republic.  Operation Power Pack was launched on April 28th, 1965 and the occupation by the imperialist forces lasted until September 1966 after a pro-Trujillo, pro-American president was elected.

About 3,000 civilians are thought to have died to save the American Empire.

Lest we forget.

Image: Buddha Sleeps

April 23, 2022

Night Music: Talking About A Revolution

April 22, 2022

Image: And The Trees Danced

April 21, 2022

Night Music: Broken English

April 20, 2022

To All Those Celebrating 420 Today ….

April 20, 2022


… have fun!

Image: Which Way Did They Go?

April 19, 2022

Grandview’s Parks (1890-1930)

April 19, 2022


I have today published a brief essay on the history of parks in Grandview from 1890 to 1930.

The essay is posted at and I hope you find it of interest.