How Bloated IS Vancouver City Hall?


The always excellent CityHallWatch has published the latest “sunshine” list of Vancouver City staffers. Almost 1,800 of them make more than $100,000 a year, and 19 make more than $200,000 a year. It is no wonder they seem tone-deaf to the needs of residents for whom the median income is closer to $50,000.

The publication of the list prompted me to compare Vancouver’s civic staff and costs against those of Toronto which has a population of almost 2.8 million, many times larger than the 663,000 in Vancouver.

  • Toronto’s staff costs for 2021 were $883,546,834 or about $317 per resident.
  • Vancouver’s staff costs for 2021 were $586,049,613 or about $885 per resident.

Toronto’s civic staff totals 7,239 employees, while Vancouver is budgeting to employ 8,798 in 2022.

Who do you think is getting a more efficient service for your tax dollars?

5 Responses to How Bloated IS Vancouver City Hall?

  1. Dorothy Barkley says:

    Good God! Jak, share this with City Hall and your media list!

  2. Dorothy Barkley says:

    It also bears noting how much geographically larger Toronto is than Vancouver, given its amalgamation of the surrounding municipalities.

  3. alfafido says:

    Comparisons are always the best… Thanks Jak. : )

  4. It is for me a reminder that when the planning process goes the way it did in Norquay, Mt. Pleasant, Grandview Woodlands, and from what Jak mentions to Scot Hien—Marpole, that costs pile up in the form of more and more people to get less and less quality work done.

    The neighborhood plans just referenced, and the way Jak explained them as the ‘base minimum offer for developers to bid up’ creates this ‘planning by public hearing’ system where staff resources are devoured, fall into a black hole never to be seen again.

    And we are not even on point, because the issues that really matter… Housing Affordability, Homelessness & Pollution… are not even being talked about! Not by us and certainly not by them.

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