Changes On The Drive #126


I have had a number of correspondents write to me asking where this month’s Changes on the Drive edition is. Unfortunately, after more than ten years of monthly reporting, I am no longer physically able to walk the walk that makes it happen.

Especially now that the Drive is reviving from the pandemic slump, I shall miss cataloguing the changes and tracking the vacant storefront. I will do my best to report what I can see each month, but it is unlikely I can go into the detail that I like to produce.

Here are a couple of items I had planned to feature this month:

At 2247 Commercial, Juno Provisions opened a couple of months ago. Scout magazine had an interesting article about them.

Image: Scout

Also, at 1590 Commercial, we now have Hanai, a Hawai’ian themed restaurant that opened earlier this week. Once again, Scout has a piece on the refurbishing of the old Ugly Dumpling spot.

Image: Scout

I feel sure there were plenty more interesting items available this month on the Drive and I am sad not to be able to bring them to this space.

I want to thank the many people who read this column every month, many of whom sent me tips and stories.

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4 Responses to Changes On The Drive #126

  1. Karen L says:

    Thank you for keeping the column going for as long as you did! I always looked forward to reading it every month. :)

  2. Michelle says:

    Sorry to hear that you can’t continue the series. I’ve enjoyed getting a heads up every month on what was changing along the Drive.

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