Translink v. The World

February 11, 2022


TransLink report details potential improvements to Metro Vancouver bus  speed – Surrey Now-Leader

A Toronto blog has published an informative report on transit costs that is full of interesting data. It is, not surprisingly, Toronto-centric but there are plenty of good comparative numbers for Vancouver as well as other transit heavy urban areas.

Based on a monthly fare card, Toronto is by far the most expensive city (at $156/month), but Vancouver is not far behind at $134. These compare with New Orleans ($56) and Philadelphia ($96).

In Vancouver, you need to take 36 trips a month to pay for your pass, while in Toronto, Miami, and Los Angeles you would need 44 trips or more to make a pass worthwhile.

Lots more good stuff in the article including news from other cities where transit is being made cheaper and more accessible. Well worth the read.

h/t to Nathan for the link.

Image: Stonewall

February 11, 2022