Image: Palm Beach Special #2

January 31, 2022

Megatowers — The People Speak

January 31, 2022


The No Megatowers at Safeway citizens group that is tracking the overwhelmingly huge, unnecessary, and neighbourhood-busting development at Broadway & Commercial have received some interesting data from the City of Vancouver via Freedom of Information request. They chose a random week — November 9-15, 2021 — and sought details of all the comments the City had received about the project for that time period.

It turns out that 157 relevant comments were received and only 23 (14%) were in favour of the project, while 118 comments were opposed (75%), and 16 were mixed (11%).

Let me repeat that these are official figures from the City.

It is clear that there are significant problems with this development and that it is firmly opposed by a large majority of residents. We can only hope that Vancouver Councilors will understand and consider the depth of this opposition when they come to vote on the development sometime this year.

There is a great deal of useful information on this project at the No Megatowers site, and the long history of this misbegotten development can be followed here.

Poem: Mayor’s Siesta

January 31, 2022


He snored.

And threads of thoughts of windy days

Rushed by like the rivers of Sierra de Ronda.


He turned.

And the heft and touch of the silken duvet

Slipped across his body like the soft waves of Estepona.


He slept.

And into his reverie the ringing telephone

Floated like a minor chord from a flamenco guitar.


He yawned.

And the dreamy grin of the old pepper merchant

Dissolved like tapas in the mouth of a hungry eater.


He answered.

And the sound of his hoarsely whispered “Ola?”

Crept across his chin like a shovel scraping tar.


He awoke.

And the everyday cares of the little village

Wrapped up his dreams like garbage and threw them afar.