Cafe Deux Soleil and Mutual Aid


Just a couple of days ago I reported on the sale of the popular Cafe Deux Soleil on Commercial Drive. And just yesterday I was musing about the need for more mutual aid and co-op structures to combat capitalism. Well, in a tweet last night, those two thoughts melded:

“[W]hat if we crowd funded to buy cafe deux soleils and turn it into a worker co-op. it is such a great community space and i will be SO SAD if it disappears,” tweeted Serena Jackson, which gathered a whole thread of supporting comments.

It would be a marvelous community achievement if we could do it. Maybe the CCEC or similar could help with financing? Comments and suggestions about getting this ball rolling?

One Response to Cafe Deux Soleil and Mutual Aid

  1. […] the process of closing. These include The Whip Restaurant, Bishop’s, Bao Chau and The Slocan. Cafe Deux Soleils on Commercial Drive is for sale. We’ve included photos of these restaurants […]

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