TEAM Releases Policy Directions

December 11, 2021


TEAM for a Livable Vancouver has revamped its website and, more importantly, issued its positions on a dozen of the most pressing issues facing Vancouver as we approach the civic election in 2022.

I support all of these policy directions and welcome their addition to the civic debate. However, as regular readers will know, my primary concerns are to achieve better local control of zoning and planning, and thus achieve a more equitable and affordable City for all the residents. I am pleased therefore to draw your particular attention to the Community Representation, Planning & Development, and Affordable Housing positions which, I believe, advance those causes in a positive and progressive way.

TEAM will be going into more detail on each of these policies as the campaign unfolds.

Having worked with TEAM for several months now, I am genuinely encouraged to be part of a group that stretches across the political spectrum, working with the single aim of improving our City and the lives of everyone in it.

Image: Bold Colour

December 11, 2021