Changes On The Drive #124


This month we start with a view of the Drive from Calgary’s Sprawlcast (h/t to Nathan for the link):

“Every summer, my family heads west to see my wife’s family. And every time, going to Commercial Drive is one of my highlights. What strikes me there is the mix of people. On the Drive, you have people from all walks of life, all rubbing shoulders with one another. It feels like everyone has a place. It’s colourful and vibrant and wonderfully human. I like just being there and taking it all in … when I’m on Commercial Drive. I catch a glimpse of the richness that comes with a truly diverse neighbourhood. I feel a sense of wonder.”

Well worth the full read.

Having delayed my survey walk this week to avoid the torrential rain, I went out this morning into the teeth of a cold and furious gale! Had I not had a hearty breakfast, I am sure the wind would have simply carried me from one end of the Drive to the other!

City Avenue Market has for some months now been displaying their wares in front of the neighbouring storefront at 2283 Commercial. I noticed today that they are also using the space as storage, so I have decided to eliminate it from my list of independent storefronts.

Victor Sam, the chiropractor at 1929 Commercial is closing his doors forever this weekend. He has been practicing here since 1984 and will be missed by his many faithful clients.

Fire Pizza at 1918 Commercial gets a good review in Daily Hive’s 13 Must-Try Pizza Spots.

The former Washing Wells laundromat at 1910 Commercial is now called Spin Cycle and seems to be getting a bit of a facelift.

What used to be the Sushi Ninja at 1861 Commercial has now morphed into C & T Fried Chicken.

Sopra Sotto at 1510 Commercial is reviewed for its pasta.

The storefront at 1503 Commercial (or more accurately, 1501 #2) has been opened as a Rogers cell phone store. There seems to be a sudden growth race on the Drive between cell phone, cannabis, and fried chicken stores!

The entranceway to the apartments in the 1400 block westside appears to have a shiny new door and the beginnings of a step.

The Memphis Blues outlet at 1342 Commercial is starting to serve brunch on Saturdays and Sundays.

Oca Pastificio at 1260 Commercial gets a call out from Daily Hive for great pasta.

In July we noted that Manifesto Hair Salon had moved to 1206 Commercial. I notice this month that they have a new name — Taproot Salon & Supply — and a neat new front window.

The new Community Taps & Pizza place at 1191 Commercial officially opened last week. It gets a detailed review in Daily Hive, and I am looking forward to trying it out.

Still Fabulous, the upscale thrift store at 1124 Commercial since 2015, has closed.

The folks behind Downlow Chicken Shack have opened a new venture at 1111 Commercial called the Canteen. It will serve convenience food favourites plus hot dogs, drinks, slushies, and much else. A sneaker restorer will also be on site.

The Bombay Kitchen and Bar at 1018 Commercial gets a shout out for its all-you-can-eat menu.

Finally, I am glad to report that Penelope’s at 1009 Commercial has re-opened after being covid-closed for about a year and a half.

Vacancies on the Drive this month: 

2277 (29 months), 2247 (5 months), 2223 (33 months), 2111 (19 months), 2058 (3 months), 2057 (12 months), 1983 (7 months), 1858 (3 months), 1851 (3 months), 1816 (19 months), 1748 (16 months), 1733 (15 months), 1728 (20 months), 1706 (2 months), 1305 (19 months), 1301 (14 months), 1126 (5 months), 1124 (1 month), 902 (14 months).


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3 Responses to Changes On The Drive #124

  1. Doug D says:

    I appreciate this recurring feature but am curious why you refer to sponsored ad content as reviews. The Community Pizza “review” yo which you link, for example is a sponsored ad disguised as an independent review. People not looking closely will take it at face value. I’ve noticed this trend on many of the links in your posts in the past. Again, I truly appreciate the service you provide here. Just wondering if you were aware of this practice.

    • jakking says:

      I am well aware of what they are. They are no different to me (no better and no worse) than advertisements and I assume people will take them as they see them. Part of the function of this column as I see it is to highlight what is going on on the Drive to the rest of the City. If you can find completely independent reviews, I am always happy to feature them, but they are very few and far between.

  2. Ferry Seagull says:

    So the BierKratt remains a light beer haven in the summer time heat (if we ever get to summer)..
    I am surprised that there is no public drinking (openly) in Grandview Park. (Victoria Park, mostly forgotten by the Drive people a block over, has quiet imbibing of alcohol)

    I wonder will we see the constant long lineups at The Canteen 1111 Commercial Nachos as surprised people see the lineups at the Downlow Chicken. The spicing seems to work.

    Come the Spring! and the bright light of afternoon sun on the Drive.

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