More Changes to “The Family”

The latest Pew Research reports that there has been a significant shift over the last thirty years in household living arrangements. It shows that 38% of adult Americans now live alone, up from just 29% in 1980.

“The growth in the single population is driven mainly by the decline in marriage among adults who are at prime working age. At the same time, there has been a rise in the share who are cohabiting, but it hasn’t been enough to offset the drop in marriage.”

Significantluy, the research shows that unpartnered males do not fare as well economically as those living with a partner:

They also quote research showing that being unpartnered has a negative effect on both educational and health outcomes for both men and women.

Trends such as these will have major impacts on a range of activities, for example on what type of housing should be built. I have reported previously on related Pew Research materials.

I note that these are American statistics but our economies and cultures are so entwined that it seems reasonable to extrapolate Canadian outcomes along the same lines.

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