Wildlife Photographer of the Year

October 10, 2021

The National History Museum of the UK has revealed some finalists in their 57th annual wildlife photography contest. I really liked these:

Toxic Design: Photographer Gheorghe Popa
Storm Fox: Photographer Jonny Armstrong
Linx on the Threshold: Photographer Sergio Marijuan

Night Music: Satellite of Love

October 10, 2021

Greenway Changes

October 10, 2021

The Central Valley Greenway is a 25-kilometre “active transportation” route (primarily a bike route) that connects Vancouver, Burnaby, and New Westminster. The City of Vancouver is planning to make changes on the section of the Greenway between Clark Drive and Lakewood. This is the map that was included in a letter to residents.

The proposed upgrades would impact the following streets:
o Grandview Highway North (between Clark Drive and Lakewood Drive)
o Woodland overpass
o E 8th Ave (between Grandview Highway North and Lakewood Drive)
o Lakewood Drive (between E 8th Ave and John Hendry Park

The City is asking for comments on the proposals to be received on or before October 18th as construction is planned for this Fall. Ways to contact them include:

I have already heard from one well-informed critic who complains that there needs to be a comprehensive plan for the entire Greenway rather than these piecemeal fixes. This is not a transportation corridor that I use; what do you think?