The Future of False Creek Housing


Many readers will know that the housing at False Creek South is recognized around the world as a model of integrated planning. The mix of high-, middle-, and low-income households supported by long-term leases from the City has developed into a highly successful community. Unfortunately that community is threatened and the residents stressed by the failure of the City to renew the leases even though discussions have been ongoing for many years.

At the Special Council Meeting on Tuesday (October 5th), Councillor Colleen Hardwick is bringing forward a Motion that would require the City to extend the current leases at least until the lease renewal negotiations are completed. She also wants the residents to “be guaranteed security of tenure in False Creek South at a rate affordable to them.”

The Motion also calls for any community planning for False Creek South to be carried out in public, and that any new development in the area should only take place on vacant land in order to maintain the current housing.

I urge my readers to write to City Council by early Tuesday morning in support of this Motion to retain and improve one of the great successes of housing policy in Vancouver.

One Response to The Future of False Creek Housing

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