Urban Design 101

September 27, 2021

Scot Hein is a retired architect, former senior urban designer at the City of Vancouver and the University of British Columbia. An adjunct professor of Urban Design at UBC, lecturer at Simon Fraser University, founding board member of the Urbanarium, and excellent conversationalist, he has now created a graphic novella called “What About Me?” that is available at spacing in two parts. It is primer on how Vancouver has historically regulated a for-profit—now over-heated—housing market.

He has followed this up with an essay in several parts called “Zoning Must Evolve” which begins here.

““You Forgot About Me” is offered as a backgrounder that introduces development regulation concepts that the City of Vancouver has relied upon for many years. It is intended to stimulate a conversation towards new approaches to address affordability—including the delivery of non-market housing better tied to income—by changing existing zoning.”

Together, these are an excellent way to start thinking about what we need to do in Vancouver to sort out the mess we are in. Thoroughly recommended.

Van East Election Results

September 27, 2021

Here are the final figures issued by Elections Canada for the 2021 Federal election in Vancouver East:

  • NDP, Jenny Kwan, 27,969 votes (or 56.4% of votes cast)
  • Liberal, Josh Vander Vies, 9,797
  • Conservative, Mauro Francis, 5,399
  • Green, Cheryl Matthews, 3,826
  • PPC, Karen Litzcke, 1,382
  • Libertarian, Golok Buday, 831
  • Communist, Natasha Hale, 387

There were 528 rejected ballots, and the turnout was 54% (49,591 of 91,133 electors)


September 27, 2021


The graphic above is from the always interesting Visual Capitalist site.

The numbers speak for themselves: Poverty for the masses is a choice by the rich.

Image: Corner

September 27, 2021

Poem: Fanatic

September 27, 2021



Sitting bolt


in the chair

the psycho


questioned me

in a game of


word association





why did you

say that?

why not?


            tend:er is the night


            shoes:Michael Jordan


did you watch

the game?

no, I was crazy

to have missed it


            air:Michael Jordan




they make me



Like I’m

Michael Jordan

or something