Election 2021: Van East

As most of you will already know, there is a Federal election on Monday 20th September. I live in the riding of Vancouver East, and the registered candidates in my riding are (in alphabetical order):

  • Golok Buday (Libertarian): His webpage is here.
  • Mauro Francis (Conservative): He is a technology analyst and more info can be found here.
  • Natasha Hale (Communist Party):
  • Jenny Kwan (NDP), the incumbent MP. Since 1993, she has been in turn a City Councillor, a Provincial MLA, and since 2015, Federal MP.
  • Karin Litzcke (People’s Party): A frequent debater on Twitter, her website is here.
  • Dr. Cheryl Matthew (Green). A former Federal civil servant, her website is here.
  • Josh Vander Vies (Liberal): A lawyer and international athlete with Canada’s paralympic team, there is a profile from the Georgia Straight.

Early voting will be available between September 10th and 13th.

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