You Got Problems?

August 29, 2021
Image: Sedat Suna/EPA via the Guardian

“An Afghan boy hides inside a sewer pipe next to a railway after crossing the Iran-Turkey border. People often wait for days for their smugglers to transfer them to the city of Diyarbakir, Turkey. Smugglers charge between $600 and $41,000 (£430 and £30,000) for each person, depending on the security situation at the border.”

Sometime this week when something pisses you off, try to imagine what’s going through the mind of the kid in the picture.

We are damn lucky.

I Love Colour

August 29, 2021

I love colour. I try to show this is in my art work and photographs with varying degree of success. The always valuable Creative Report brings me news of a new book called “The Atlas of Rare and Familiar Colour” that really intrigues me.

The shelves of the Forbes Pigment Collection, based in Harvard University’s Art Museum buildings, are organised mostly by hue. The effect of this “curious chromatic ordering” ensures that the archive resembles “an installation exploring the very nature of painting”, as colour historian Victoria Finlay writes in the foreword to An Atlas of Rare & Familiar Colour, a new book that catalogues highlights from the collection. Published by Atelier Éditions, the Atlas features images by photographer Pascale Georgiev of a handful of the collection’s 2,500 rare pigments and examines their material composition, providence and application …

Violet de Cobalt

Many of the colours are rare and some are unlikely to be made ever again. Finlay writes that Indian Yellow, for example, originally came from the urine of cows that had been fed mango leaves, while Mummy Brown – as the name suggests – really was collected from the mummified bodies of ancient Egyptians (and was still available in London in the 1920s, courtesy of Roberson).

Wonderful stuff!



Image: Florida In Fall

August 29, 2021