Britannia Renewal Meeting Tonight

June 1, 2021

Tonight at 6:00pm, Britannia is holding a Community Conversation tonight to report back on what they’ve heard during Renewal consultations.

There will also be an opportunity to offer your thoughts during small group discussions.

Join at:

The Britannia Renewal project, along with the Safeway site redevelopment, is one of the two major planning concerns for Grandview over the medium term. These meetings are a way for you to stay in touch with decisions that have been, or are close to being, made about a significant community asset and the heart of our district.

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June 1, 2021

Changes On The Drive #118

June 1, 2021

Today was a beautiful day for the walk; it was warm and just the slightest of breezes. On the business front, I hope we have turned a corner: the number of storefront vacancies has fallen this month by a decent number. And we are just a few days into this less restrictive phase of the pandemic which promises significant opportunities to re-open old stores and to open new.

Eggs Canna, the large cannabis dispensary at 2137 Commercial, has completed its make-over with a new sign and logo on the windows.

The Canterbury Tales Bookstore makes it onto Daily Hive’s list of the best used bookstores in Vancouver. The store “has a way of luring you in,” says the review.

The Dollar Plus store at 1983 Commercial is closing down and they were having a massive clear out sale today.

Across the street at 1832 Commercial, Expedia Cruises have temporarily closed their offices while they work online. They say they will be back in the new year.

The old Starbucks site at 1752 Commercial has finally opened as the Sal y Limon Mexican restaurant.

We now have confirmation that the old Libra Room at 1608 Commercial will soon re-open as Loula’s Taverna, a Greek restaurant. The extensive renovations to the front of the building seem complete.

Also on the list of best bookstores is, of course, the People’s Co-op Bookstore at 1391 Commercial.

Memphis Blues BBQ at 1342 Commercial is looking to hire staff.

Biercraft at 1191 Commercial is closed at present. Walking by this afternoon I saw what appeared to be major interior renovations going on. Will be interesting to see if it re-opens as itself or as a new business.

I still haven’t called Penelope’s at 1009 vacant, but it has been covid-closed now for a full year and more.

The double-front space at 1003 Commercial, which for years housed the Peg Antiques, and then a hair salon, is now an up-market clothing store called Turnabout.

As I passed by today, I saw bakers baking, which makes me think that Artisan Bakery at 935 Commercial is just about open.

And Covid Cafe has finally opened at 931 Commercial. They have been criticized on social media for the choice of name. I hope they do well; they have put a great deal of effort into remaking that storefront.

Vacancies on the Drive this month: 

2283 Commercial (6 months vacant), 2277 (23 months), 2223 (27 months), 2111 (13 months), 2057 (6 months), 1816 (13 months), 1748 (10 months), 1733 (9 months), 1728 (13 months), 1706 (2 month), 1678 (9 months), 1608-12 (17 months), 1503 (5 months), 1305 (14 months), 1301 (8 months), 1206 (7 months), 902 (8 months).

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June 1, 2021

“Green was the silence, wet was the light,
the month of June trembled like a butterfly.”

― Pablo Neruda