Planning Failures All Over

March 2, 2021

Regular readers will know that I am no fan of the City of Vancouver’s Planning Department and their so-called Community Plans in particular. There are literally hundreds of pages of complaints in this blog and I wrote a book about the whole experience. But Grandview was/is not alone in suffering under this and the last regime.

The West End’s Community Plan was approved more than a year before ours and so they have been in the implementation phase for almost a decade. There is a long article in the West End Journal blog detailing the shortcomings of their Plan’s implementation. It is well worth the read.

Night Music: Femme Fatale

March 2, 2021


March 2, 2021

Last night there was an excellent attendance at the ZOOMed Grandview Woodland Area Council AGM.

I gave a presentation on the GW Community Plan, which seemed to be well received, and there was a good level of discussion about what GWAC should be doing over the coming twelve months.

Nine Directors were acclaimed for the 2021/22 year, including three who were not on the Board last year. The turnout for the meeting, and the level of debate that went on, augurs well for the organization.

I urge all residents of Grandview Woodland who are interested in the future of our neighbourhood to at least get yourself on the GWAC mailing list and, if possible, to attend — online — their monthly meetings. You will learn much and I am sure many of you have valuable experience to contribute.