Council Shoots GW Plan In Head — Again

This evening was the Public Hearing for a development at 1766 Frances Street. It is a development that places a 9-storey building in the middle of a small residential side street with a height that is 50% above the limits established by the Grandview Community Plan, and more than 100% above the average height of buildings in that block.

While some Councilors, Carr and Hardwick in particular, bemoaned the battering that the long fought-over Community Plan was sustaining (this not being the first such outrage), the vote was unanimous in supporting the development.

It has to be said that the development ticked a lot of good boxes: it is from an indigenous organization designed to serve low income indigenous families; it includes a daycare facility and other cultural attributes such as a sweat lodge; and the design of the building is quite fetching. None of that is in dispute.

The point that many of us made was that there are other parts of Grandview (some just three blocks away) where such a large building would be both welcomed and would still be in line with the Community Plan. It should not be that the social contract represented by the Community Plan can be brushed aside simply because ticking certain boxes meets others’ desires. Doing so demeans and cheapens the hundreds of thousands of hours Grandview residents put into negotiating the Plan.

The next big fight will be over the Safeway site. That development has none of the “good boxes” to tick that this one did, but you better believe that the Planners and this Vision 2.0 Council will find some excuse or many to override the Plan yet again. As I said in my remarks tonight, the only certainty a Community Plan gives us is that developers will ask for more than is in the Plan and that Vancouver City Council and City Planners will approve their demands.

5 Responses to Council Shoots GW Plan In Head — Again

  1. The worst part (I live on the same street 1/2 block away) is that there will not be enough parking for the said project plus the added traffic that such the building and daycare will bring to this residential street. We had a plan but it didn’t matter, how can we believe in anything the City of Vancouver ever says. Deceit and a huge fail in the community plan process.

  2. Nathan Davidowicz says:

    This will continue unless you get the Provincial Government to change the Vancouver Charter and have OCP like every other municipality in BC. Proper development is done everywhere else except in Vancouver. Vision1.0 is gone but Vision 2.0 is just as bad.
    Getting a ward system might help, but again Surrey will get it before Vancouver. You should demonstrate outside Councillors residences maybe they will respond. The 2016 GW Plan was bad from day one
    it is not a By-Law like an OCP.

    • jakking says:

      NO need for a Charter change; the Vancouver Plan process is already underway. I see that as even worse than what we have, giving even more control to centralized bureaucrats and removing even more choice from local residents. Maybe you like that idea; I don’t.

  3. Ferry Seagull says:

    Another messup with the Grandview “Plan”

    Vancouver Market @vancouvermrkt tweeted
    Feb 11
    54-condos (6 stories) are proposed to replace 4 single family lots on the North side of East Broadway between Semlin and Lakewood in East Vancouver. 6-storeys, 2.65 FSR. Rezoning under Grandview Woodland Community Plan. Details:

    Right in the middle of numerous Aboriginal Housing Management Association apartments

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