When Yo-Yos Were The Thing

Do you remember a year or two back when it was impossible to escape the marketing web for fidget spinners. They were everywhere, everyone gave them away.  Looking further back, at just about the time I got interested in girls, the hula hoop was king.  Well, even before that there was a time when the fad was yo-yos:

Image: Vancouver Sun, 1933/4/19, p.12

Good to see our local shops were keeping up with the trends!

One Response to When Yo-Yos Were The Thing

  1. thanks for this Jak! hope you are keeping well. do you remember our emails last February when it snowed?

    I’m no punctuation expert, but does the plural of yoyo require an apostrophe? I know it doesn’t seem to matter these days, but back in 1933? were not the standards higher?

    not sure if the return email will reach you so have added your home address to be sure.

    your observations welcome, as always, LA 778.279.2275 >

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