Image: Heron

February 1, 2021

Changes on The Drive

February 1, 2021

For ten years now, my Changes on the Drive column has always been published on the first morning of each month. However, have you looked out the window lately?

I’m feeling way too old and feeble to be tramping about in this weather, and so I will wait until Wednesday when we are supposed to get some sunny breaks.

Generation Home-Bodies

February 1, 2021

I have finally gotten around to examining the 20 Striking Findings of 2020 from Pew Research. The one that really intrigued me was the finding that 52% of US adults aged between 18 and 29 were living with their parents in June 2020.

I suppose it is reasonable to assume that the growth in this percentage from February 2020 to June was the result of the covid-19 pandemic and the economic dislocation that it caused. However, as someone who left home at age 16 in 1966, I was stunned to see the steady and continual rise from the 1960 through to today. It seems that neither times of economic prosperity nor those of recession have affected this climb away from independence in the young.

A survey last July showed a similar situation in Canada, though the historical dimension was missing from the data.

I have a suspicion that the increase in the cost of housing will account for much of this; plus my guess that advanced education (with its associated costs) is more widely shared than in earlier decades. Perhaps the post-boomer generations are getting married (or attached as couples) later. Any other thoughts?

Poem: Midnight Snack

February 1, 2021



It’s 2am and the furnace

of our passion

is cooling     slowly


we rise, tottering together,

arms entwined,

to the kitchen    kissing


after making love

we make toast

thick with butter     oozing


rich strawberry jam

streaked liked blood

or rust on a fence     rich


as sweet love’s triangle:

you and me and toast