Giraffes Diving

December 31, 2020

After all the troubles and trials of 2020, I wanted to end the year with something completely meaningless but fun. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do.

Happy New Year!

Image: Commercial Drive: Licorice Party

December 31, 2020

Night Music: How

December 30, 2020

A masterpiece to end the year.

Image: Branches and Clouds

December 29, 2020

Remembering Wounded Knee

December 29, 2020

On a cold morning 130 years ago today, the US cavalry massacred more than 250 disarmed Lakota men, women, and children near Wounded Knee Creek in South Dakota. A few days earlier they had murdered the great chief Sitting Bull.

The massacre at Wounded Knee was one of the final and most vicious military acts in the government’s century-long plan of genocide against native Americans, and twenty soldiers earned the Medal of Honor for their part in the brutal affair.

We must never forget that the American’s vaunted Manifest Destiny meant death for millions of indigenous peoples.

Night Music: Stormy Monday

December 28, 2020

Poem: December 31, 2000

December 28, 2020


In a bus line

in the heart of the city,

in a hailstorm thrusting silver shards of icy glass

deep into the concrete earth,

a woman holds a little Japanese baby

the colour of Cadbury’s

Dairy Milk Chocolate.


Asleep in peace,

his little fingers wave in the air like

undulating undersea fronds.

Beneath the coloured threads and protective fibres

of his logoed rainsuit,

no fever shakes the young child’s bones,

no distrust disturbs the sleep of purity,

no threats or worries fly about

in his head so full of wonder and learning.


In this child’s dreams lies the promise

Of the new year.



Image: Den City

December 27, 2020

Night Music: Skin

December 26, 2020

Image: Northern Wheat

December 25, 2020

Night Music: Fairytale of New York

December 24, 2020

Image: Flower Offering

December 23, 2020

Let’s Get Rid Of Santa Claus

December 22, 2020

Can anyone explain to me why we still need the myth (or more truthfully, lie) about Santa Claus. Why not just tell kids that this is the time of year we give each other gifts because we love each other?

I don’t believe the lies we tell children add anything to the fun. In fact, as many of us can attest, when the truth does come out it can bring sorrow and heartache to the little ones, crushing their fantasies and forever making them doubt our word.

Those who follow a religion have even less need to lie. Christians for example can explain that the gifts celebrate the birth of Jesus rather than being the result of a merchandising gimmick designed to suck more money out of the parents’ pockets.

Rather than fill our children’s heads with idiotic notions about flying reindeer and a jolly old man (who has a rather unsavoury appetite for young people) why not extol the virtues of freely giving just for the sake of love? Isn’t that a better lesson?

Santa Claus is a malicious fiction and the sooner we rid ourselves of the lies we tell about it the better.

Night Music: Moonlight In Vermont

December 22, 2020

MOMA’s Best Photos 2020

December 22, 2020

The Museum of Modern Art’s magazine — My Modern Met — has selected its favourite 60 images from the year. There is a wealth of beauty and wonder here, and it is hard to select just a few, but these are the three that I selected.

Solitude, Mikko Lagerstedt
Wonder Wheels 1, Kylii Sparre
Abandoned Chapel, Roman Robroek

Wise Words

December 22, 2020

“No one and nothing can free you but your own understanding”

— Ajahn Chah

“None but ourselves can free our minds”

— Bob Marley

Image: Bold Colour

December 21, 2020

Poem: Fog

December 21, 2020


The smog-laden tangerine fog

tinted by a million lamplights

lays heavy tonight;

the busy rustle of the city’s moves

lost in its depths

like the delicate harmonies of a dulcimer

played in the attic as heard in the basement.

Closer, much closer, I hear

the lazy rustle of the scorpion

picking carelessly at a pecan shell.

I blink in the orange darkness.



Winter is Here!

December 21, 2020

It is 2:02am and it is the winter solstice. Hooray!

From this day forward (or at least until June) every 24 hours has more daylight than the day before — about 2 minutes a day, or about 20 minutes added between now and New Year!

Almost makes a snowy Monday morning worthwhile, doesn’t it?

Happy Shab-E Yalda

December 20, 2020

The winter solstice is home to so many ancient festivals. This is for my Iranian readers.