First Nations: Shut Down Canada!

There was a small demonstration by First Nations at Grandview Park at lunchtime. The speakers used screechy megaphones which made it hard for me to understand what was being said. However, their signs called for Canada to be “Shut Down” and for the RCMP to be disbanded.

I saw no police there but, when the protesters decided to form a parade and march north on the Drive there were suddenly whole fleets of cops on motorbikes and push bikes. As the parade marched away, I thought the number of police was about the same as the number of protesters and, while they didn’t interfere in the time I was watching, it seemed an over-reaction to say the least.

One Response to First Nations: Shut Down Canada!

  1. Dorothy Barkley says:

    I always believed that Canadians were well served by their police forces but have come to a different view since participating in the Wet’suet’en blockade in New Hazelton and then watching the videos showing the RCMP standing around idly watching as Mi’kmaq properties were destroyed by non-indigenous fishermen. The advent of cell phones and their revealing videos has opened up many eyes to breaches of civil rights and horrible abuses.

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