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November 17, 2020

Grandview 17th November 1920

November 17, 2020
Province, 19201117, p.19

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“Did Not Vote” Wins Again!

November 17, 2020

There was much talk in the US election about a surge in voting, partly because the Donald was a polarizing figure but also because mail-in ballots became a lot more popular than ever before.

However, the fact is that if “Did Not Vote” had been a candidate, it would have won the Presidency. The following map is by a Reddit user showing the Electoral votes of the three “candidates”.

I suspect that both mail-in and voting from home will grow exponentially by the next POTUS contest and it will be interesting to see whether that changes this kind of mapping.

At Last — An Alternative to Plastic Packaging

November 17, 2020

The thing about plastic is that the damn stuff is absolutely essential to the way we live our lives today, especially when it comes to packaging and protection throughout the food chain. “A key advantage that plastic brings to food packaging is that it prevents oxygen from getting into contact with the food,” explains Christophe Jordan, Managing Director of the Translucent Paper business at Arjowiggins. “This ensures maximum freshness throughout the supply chain right through to the point of consumption.”

The other thing about plastic is that it is barely if ever degradable and so the detritus ends up in the sea, in landfills, inside animals, and everywhere we care to look. We need something that works as well as plastic but without the downstream pollution.

Arjowiggins has announce the creation of a material they call Silvicta which they claim “provides a more effective barrier to oxygen than plastic, as well as a barrier to mineral oils and fatty foodstuffs.” Moreover, “Sylvicta is entirely recyclable, compostable, and marine biodegradable, thanks to being manufactured from renewable raw materials supplied from protected forests … Unlike other such products on the market, the manufacturing process does not use harmful chemicals to achieve its translucency and functionality. “

Sounds good if the press release is to be believed. Let us hope it gets onto the selves as quickly as possible.