Global Issues, Local Effects

I am sure that we have all been aware of stories from the last ten months of travel restrictions and failing airlines all over the world. It seems however that those issues have come home to roost on Commercial Drive.

In the last Changes on the Drive episode I noted that Flight Centre at 1733 Commercial had closed. Today, I saw a large “for lease” sign on the building that Columbus World Travel occupies at 1501 Commercial.

Image taken before the For Lease sign went up

Not a business to be in these days, I suppose.

3 Responses to Global Issues, Local Effects

  1. Dorothy Barkley says:

    I think this has been a sunset industry for years. Do you recall the end of Thomas Cook Travel? What is more amazing to me is that they survived so long.

    • jakking says:

      I agree. We still have Da Vinci Travel and the Expedia Cruise Centre. Hard to see them staying around much longer.

  2. Ferry Seagull says:

    Da Vinci and Columbus made fortunes in the 1970s when the Italians were often taking many trips back to Italy, and the Vatican.
    Then it became sunny region holidays for their children.

    But yes, nowadays the travel business is very very quiet. You can still travel, but have to “isolate” on the other side, AND ALSO on RETURN

    Columbus Travel World at 1706 Commercial Drive was also where L’Eco d’Italy weekly newspaper was published..

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