Changes On The Drive #111

It was a gorgeous day on Saturday when I did my survey walk — bright sun, cool air, and no wind.  I could have stayed out for hours.

The former cannabis store at 2137 Commercial which has been vacant for more than 8 months is now re-opened as another cannabis store, Eggs Canna which used to have a much smaller space at 2235 Commercial.

At 2017 Commercial, what used to be the Addis Ethiopian restaurant has morphed into the Holy Smoke — Vancouver’s only Bangladeshi restaurant according to their sign. It is a brave move to start a new dining establishment in these peculiar days.

Prado at 1938 Commercial, and Spade at 1858 make it on the list of Daily Hive’s best coffee shops in Vancouver. I’m sure many of us on the Drive have our own favourite that didn’t make the list.

The former Mark’s Pet Shop at 1875 Commercial is still closed but will soon be yet another dope store called Cowboys.

At 1812 Commercial, the new-last-month casual eatery called Social in the space that used to be Falconetti’s gets wide coverage in the Hive.

The Babylon Tea store at 1740 Commercial, which has been essentially closed for more than a year, has finally been cleared out and the store is now most definitely vacant.

What used to be Flight Centre at 1733 Commercial is now vacant.

The vacant space at 1433 Commercial has been taken over by a clothing store that seems as yet to have no name.

Fet’s at 1230 Commercial has joined the growing number of restaurants that have expanded their patios onto the street.

What has been a Make Merry pop-up store at 1206 Commercial has been closed for a couple of months now and so I will consider it vacant.

The Lunch Lady at 1046 Commercial gets a rave review of its XO sauce-tossed egg noodles in Scout magazine.

The underwear store, Your Own Closet, at 902 Commercial has closed.

During my walk I saw long patient lines at JJ Bean, JNZ, Tangent, Moja, Livia, and Downlow which indicates to me both that business is brisk and folks are finding ways to cope with this pandemic.

Vacancies on the Drive this month: 

2277 Commercial (vacant 16 months), 2223 (20 months), 2111 (6 months), 1875 (2 months), 1814 (6 months), 1752 (9 months), 1748 (3 months), 1740 (15 months), 1733 (1 month), 1728 (7 months), 1678 (2 months), 1608 (10 months), 1314 (5 months), 1305 (7 months), 1203 (1 month), 1003 (8 months), 935 (9 months), 931 (4 months), 902 (1 month).

Of the 19 empty storefronts this month, at least 7 are being refitted with hopes for an early re-opening.

Once again, Renzo’s Cafe, and Penelope’s are still  not operating  but neither seems permanently closed.

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