Night Music: Papa Ddiaye

October 26, 2020

Grandview 26th October 1920

October 26, 2020
Vancouver World, 19201026, p.9

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Poem: Five Definitive Movements

October 26, 2020


Childhood is

a flat green blade growing from the stem of a plant,

the absorbing and digesting of

a body of myths


Adolescence is

the property of becoming self-luminous

in the recognition of

fire and hunger and strong desire


Adulthood is

the acceptance of the heat and light caused by burning;

a steady flow that rises

as the tide, and ebbs


Wisdom is

known only to those of special comprehension,

something very white,

a leaf blown across the firmament


Death is

the beginning of all things, the nape

that links the body of one life to

the head of the next